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Max delivers a steady face fuck and then returns the favor, deepthroating Dean's big boner. Max tugs on his sac and stays stiff as he sucks, his excitement building with each slurp. The two then lean on the trunk as Dean offers his hole for a tongue bath. Max bends over, opening his ass for a doggie-style pounding. Dean holds on to Max's tight waist as he works, and a great low shot captures both of their boners in action. The two jack off on each other before Dean goes into the woods to relieve himself.
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As TitanMen exclusive Chad Manning and Revel Milan wander through the woods on the prowl, they take a break to unleash steady streams of piss. As masculine, scruffybearded Chad unloads, handsome Revel can’t help but watch. Revel then takes his turn, the two smiling at each other before Chad beckons his friend closer. They settle into a clearing and put down their guns; no words are exchanged as Chad drops to his knees and goes for what he wants—Revel’s big, dark meat. Chad deep throats the stud’s uncut slab as Revel wraps his hand around his sucker’s head, then takes off his shirt to reveal his huge, smooth chest. Chad then pulls down his jeans to unleash his own big boner, which he soon stuffs down his pal’s mouth. Revel shows off his amazing lips and tongue, which beautifully wrap around Chad’s shaft. The slurp sounds get hotter as Revel’s attentive mouth gets to work, with huge spit streams dripping down. Chad then fires off a load right down the middle of Revel’s defined chest. The two head inside to the hardwood floors of a room overlooking the woods, getting cozy by the fireplace. The two kiss, with Chad towering over dark-haired Revel as their two stiff poles stick out. Revel gets on his stomach and offers his muscular ass for munching. He moans as his hole gets wet attention from Chad’s tongue, the perfect warm-up for what follows: Chad shoves his hard meat inside Revel’s ass and starts slamming. Revel jacks his huge boner, which he pushes down over the side of the cushion. Chad’s fuck gets faster, and Revel’s giant cock frantically slides against the sofa in a long and mouthwatering sequence. Revel then gets on his back and spread his legs, holding his hard boner at the base as Chad fucks harder and faster, and the two finally let out their loads, smiling at each other as a kiss ends the action.-, Тип HD видео: 1080p
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Out near the train tracks, scruffy faced Felix Barca is fixing his bike when he gets distracted by Kevin Lee—a smooth stud who flashes a smile, his muscles bursting out of his tank top. Kevin takes off his shirt, revealing his big pecs and drawing Felix closer as the two kiss. Kevin drops down as Felix’s uncut missile pops out of his jeans. Kevin teases the thick, veiny shaft and big sac with his tongue while Felix tugs his own foreskin. Kevin delivers a sensual suck as the hairy Felix smiles, the two kissing before Kevin’s rock-hard shaft is Released in Felix’s face. Kevin’s balls twitch up in excitement, Felix soon devouring his dick. Felix reaches up to rub the hot bod as he sucks, soon turning Kevin around to bury his bearded chin in his hole. Felix fucks him from behind, a low shot capturing his full sac going deep in a hot rhythm as Kevin’s dick head glistens. Felix goes faster, Kevin’s cock bobbing up with each thrust. On his back, the bottom’s pecs shake as he gets more—his bod soon covered in both of their big loads.
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Stroking in the shower, muscle man Mack Manus gets distracted by the doorbell. An expired passport has him in trouble with officer Leo Forte, who eyes the huge bulge under the Frenchmans towel. “What you got going on over there?” asks Leo, a nervous Mack muttering “It’s nothing.” The officer pulls away the towel, releasing Mack’s huge boner. “That’s a whole lot of nothing,” smiles Leo, who unleashes an unforgettable suck that has his beard constantly glued to the base of Mack’s groin. The sucker is a spit factory, one amazing strand connecting Mack’s cock to Mack’s mouth after it gets transferred—Leo’s hairy chest also coated. Mack whips his dick on Leo’s mouth, the two smiling as Mack rubs the cop’s shaved head. Mack eats Leo’s hairy ass, then fucks him from behind as their hairy legs rub together. Leo gets on his back, Mack soon squirting on the bottom’s sac before Leo fires a rocket—a huge wad planted on his own forehead.
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Colton’s supposed to be working the shoot, but can’t resist the lure of the glory holes where he drains dick like he’s starving. Cops Ben Archer and Adam Wolfe arrive on the scene and get so horned up watching Colton swallow glory hole bone that they pull their hard tools out and start stroking each other. Colton gets down on his knees and starts swallowing the cops’ cocks, and Ben pulls Colton’s beef cheeks apart and teasingly tongues his hole as Colton moans with pleasure. Finally, as Colton kneels at their feet, Ben splatters one side of his face with a huge volley of manjuice while Adam blows his spunk on the other.
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After the courtroom drama wraps up, Cole Tucker walks into a bar, his tattooed muscles bulging out of a tank top, and orders Tuck Johnson, now the new bar tender, to strip. A massive and nasty orgy erupts. Big and muscled Tony DeAngelo swallows Tuck’s fat cock while Michael Brandon and Logan Reed suck face and Cole and Michael feast on Logan’s hairy pecs. Cole chews out Steve’s ass, then fucks him forcefully on top of the bar while Michael feeds Logan his enormous cock. Cole and Tony chew on Cole’s jock while Tuck swallows their massive shafts. Back on the top of the bar, Logan and Steve back their asses up on a double headed dildo wielded by Cole—and of course, everybody ultimately pumps out a gallon of jizz all over the place.
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A bunch of hot guys arrive at a house party that Brian Brower and Milan Johanson are hosting in a big, multi-floored townhouse. Everyone greets each other with a peck on the cheek and the guys start the party off with a toast. Flipping on the TV, they’re soon transfixed as they watch muscular, smooth Luke Taylor and Jarek Soldan making out and banging their stiff boners together. Luke drops to his knees and sucks Jarek’s throbbing cock, getting it nice and slick with plenty of spit, and hungrily stuffs Jarek’s low hanging balls into his mouth. Jarek grabs the back of Luke’s head and drives his cock all the way down Luke’s throat to his balls, then goes down on Luke, holding Luke’s uncut cock against Luke’s six pack so he can tongue his sack. Jarek grabs Luke’s throbbing uncut dick and inhales it down his throat, then stands and continues to piston fuck Luke’s throat before blasting a thick wad of hot, steamy spunk all over Luke’s ripped chest. It’s Luke’s turn to shoot, and Jarek kneels down so Luke can blow his load, which splatters Jarek’s broad torso with sticky sperm. Luke and Jarek find a comfortable chair in another room, where Luke kneels on all fours while Jarek probes his muscular butt with a couple of fingers, then drives his tongue up Luke’s tight hole, making Luke moan in pleasure. Jarek slides on a condom, lubes up and crams his dick deep up Luke’s eager ass from behind. Jarek sits on the chair and Luke climbs on his cock, facing out, and rides up and down Jarek’s rigid meaty shaft while his own massive meat slaps against his hard abs as he’s getting fucked. Luke lies back on the arm of the chair, throws his muscular long legs over Jarek’s shoulders and strokes his cock as Jarek slamfucks his chute; Luke moans as Jarek plunges his pole up his ass and eventually shoots a huge cum load all over his own chest. Jarek yanks out of Luke’s well-used hole and blasts a hot wad of cream all over Luke’s ripped torso.
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