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Pavel Sora is one very hot guy. This sexy straight guy is shackled to the chair and blindfolded too. He is wearing just his underwear as his tormentor arrives and begins to feel that sexy chest. Pavel writhes a little as the hands feel over that hot body. Unable to see what is happening he then feels the hand groping his underwear and reaching inside to feel his cock. The cock is pushes out, briefly as the hands grope Pavel. Then the blindfold is removed and the hands pull on Pavel's nipples and rub his chest. His cock and balls are pulled out of the underwear and oil is dripped onto them. The hands rub the oil over the swelling cock and the balls, as Pavel looks down at what is being done to him. His cock is wanked and the hand runs over his chest agin. That dick gets so hard in the hands and Pavel's underwear is removed. The oil makes his cock glisten as it is wanked, with the foreskin rubbing up and down on the head. With his cock so hard and being wanked fast Pavel's hips thrust as if he wants to cum. But the cock is Released and slapped before he has a chance to cum. Pavel is so aroused he makes his big cock bounce up and down. Then it is wanked so hard again, with his balls getting tight too. A massaging implement is rubbed over his cock, vibrating to increase his excitement. The massager rubs under his balls, against his sexy ass crack too. The balls bounce as that big cock is wanked hard. Then Pavel's shackled are re-arranged to hold his legs in the air and exposing his hot ass hole. The cock and balls are rubbed as that hole is on show. A finger shoves into his hot hole as his cock is wanked hard. Then a toy is shoved deep into that hot ass hole as the big cock is stiff and needing to cum. Pavel wants to cum but the wanking stops, keeping him on edge for a while longer. After fingering that hot hole some more Pavel legs are lowered and he is wanked and finally allowed to cum.
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