To come in
Zeke Weidman is already going down on Oliver Dean when we get the cameras rolling, and Oliver is enjoying watching Zeke work his prick with that wet mouth. Zeke deepthroats that sweet cock and then lets Oliver taste his meat next as he wraps his lips around Zeke’s dick. Zeke grows rock hard as Oliver’s tongue slides over his shaft but when Oliver wants more, he gets Zeke on the bed and fucks him from behind.
00:13:45 min
Mike Monroe and Oliver Dean talk about their college problems before doing something to take their mind off of things as they lean in for a kiss. They make out nice and slow, tasting each other before Mike finds his way to Oliver’s prick. Mike drools all over that big cock, getting Oliver hard before turning around and backing his ass up into Oliver’s face.
00:16:14 min
Mike Lobo and Aaron Perez are already bulging out of their pants as they push their lips together and make out, the sounds of their gentle kisses filling the room until Aaron gets on his knees to suck on Mike’s sweet prick. Mike’s big cock fills up Aaron’s wet mouth as he gets rock hard, pulling out and laying Aaron on the bed so he can give him some oral in return. Mike slides his lips up and down Aaron’s shaft and then flips him over and rims his ass, his tongue pressing up against Aaron’s tight little hole as he earns some breathy moans from Aaron.
00:19:34 min