To come in
There is a smoldering ember of wish shining deep inside every guy. Begin to see the fly once the lifestyles of three beautiful musclemen come crashing towards a sizzling intersection of lust, enthusiasm and infidelity. There is no showing how extreme the wishes will end up. Negotiate back like a planet of stunning males and smoldering gender unfolds before your eyes and revel in the trip.
Alex LeMonde and Trey Rexx grope each other’s muscular bodies and make out on a couch in Alex’s apartment. Alex takes a mouthful of Trey’s rigid pole and inhales it deep down his throat, then turns the tables and commandingly throat fucks Trey. Alex chows down on Trey’s juicy hole before cracking it open with his giant fat dick, fucking Trey from behind while Trey strokes his own cock. Alex flips Trey on his back and pounds his ass until Trey sprays himself with spunk, and Alex jacks his own meat until he showers Trey’s ripped six pack with a thick load of sperm.
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Trey joins the gang as they all take turns banging Joshua. Marco fucks Joshua while Kent gags and chokes on Trey’s dick and Fredrick eats Kent’s beefy ass. Marco and Trey take turns throwing their bones into Joshua’s butt doggy style while Fredrick gags him with his long cock. Kent services Fredrick’s cock while Trey slams Joshua’s beefy ass and finally, everybody sends cum spraying all over Joshua, soaking him in a sticky bath of creamy cum.
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Muscular and furry Andy Dill lies back in a sling winking his tempting asshole at dark, hairy Gino Romano, who dives face down into Andy’s hairy ass, hungrily lapping on Andy’s tight hole while Andy chews on Park Wiley’s smooth, luscious butt. In another part of the room, Lex Kyler feasts on Trey Rexxs muscular ass, rimming his hole and swallowing Treys fat dick. Sean Storm services beefy stud Jason Branch, who sits on a rim chair for perfect access. Perched on another chair, handsome Gil Cortez gets his ass tongue-fucked by thick, muscular Sam Dixon, and in the center of it all, Andy Hunter fucks cute Trent Atkins in a sling.
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In Face Ryders, a bunch of buttmunching, jizzspewing studs fuck each other senseless in a wild orgy. Andy Dill’s furry hole winks at handsome Gino Romano, enticing him to dive face first into Andy’s hairy, muscular ass. Studly Andy Hunter slam fucks Trent Atkins in a sling, and hairy-chested Lex Kyler gorges on muscle man Trey Rexxs beefy ass before choking down Trey’s fat dick. And that’s just the appetizer--there’s so much ass in this movie you’ll be stuffed for days!
Lex swallows Trey’s thick cock, gagging and choking as he takes it to its base. Sam feeds his fat pole to Lex while Trey sucks Lex’s dick and Lex eats Sam’s muscle butt. Andy slides a few fingers up Gino’s beefy ass to get him good and ready for a furious fucking—which he does before yanking his dick out and spraying Gino with a thick ropey load of cum. Jason sits back and tweaks his nipples as cute, smooth Park Wiley chokes on his dick and jerks off. Gil furiously pounds Sean in a sling, slides out of his greasy ass and hoses him down with his load. Park chokes on Jason’s dick while Trey throat fucks Lex and flicks his erect nips. Grunting and moaning, Jason sprays his jizz on Park’s smooth pecs and thighs while Park groans and shoots his load all over himself and the floor. Andy and Sam tag team Trent’s hot ass in a sling and take turns throat fucking him until Trent sprays his spunk all over his smooth, ripped torso, Andy sends a soaking fountain of cum all over Trent’s chest, and Sam blasts his cream all over his crotch.
When Anthony LaFont, smokin’ hot in a harness and chaps, appears, Trey pulls Anthony’s juicy cock out of his leather chaps, swallows him whole, then bends him over and tongues his muscular butthole. Slow and sensuous licking continues as these 2 hot leather gods gulp down each others horse cocks. Anthony ultimately pins Trey; to the victor go the spoils, so he gets to drive his cock slow and deep into Trey’s tight chute. Anthony pulls out of Trey’s lube-covered ass and the guys jerk off together, covering each other in volleys of spurting sperm.
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In Prowl 4, we take a trip with blond muscle god Trey Rexx into a Leatherman fantasy as he jerks his horsecock and conjures up one hot stud after another, beginning with sizzling muscular leatherman Anthony LaFont. After Anthony pins Trey in a wrestling match, he plunges his fat cock deep into Treys guts until they both spray the place with spooge. Cute hard-bodied Bobby Williams appears buck naked and chained to a hobby horse and Trey nails his ass but good. And in the final scene, piggy Rhet Hengst gets fucked ferociously in a sling by one stud after another, including Marco Paris, Mike Grant, Arpad Miklos and Trey; they nearly split him in two, spearing his ass with their big dicks and spraying him with gobs of sticky spunk.
Cute, hard-bodied Bobby Williams appears on the scene handcuffed and shackled, offering up his smooth muscular ass to Trey’s paddle. Bobby struggles i vain to get loose as Trey smacks his ass and barks orders at him. Trey finally loosens Bobby’s restraints and orders him to swallow his cock, which Trey shoves down his throat as Bobby gags on and covers it with his spit. Trey grabs Bobby from behind and slam fucks him while Bobby screams with pleasure. After he’s had his fill of Bobby’s tight round ass, Trey stands over him and covers him with creamy jizz while Bobby jerks off, howling, as he sprays himself with his load.
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Rhet Hengst gets fucked ferociously in a sling by one stud after another in a hot sweaty gang bang. Handsome muscled Marco Paris starts the fun, followed by rugged daddy Mike Grant, hot and hairy Arpad Miklos, and Trey Rexx. The guys forcefeed Rhet their cocks and pound his ass relentlessly as he growls, moans and shouts in a heady combination of agony and pleasure. The buttbanging guys drench Rhet’s hairy chest with wad after wad of cum before Rhet finally explodes, shooting his own load all over his sweat and cum-soaked body.
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Tall and handsome Michael Soldier shows up at a sex club, a bit unsure about what he’s getting into. Like all good sex club greeters, Ray Dragon forces him to sign a release before he can enter. Once inside, Trey Rexx grabs Michael and beats his ass with a strap, shoves his cock down his throat and pins him to the floor. Michael alternately whimpers in pain and moans in pleasure while Trey spears his butt from every possible angle; Trey pulls out and fucks Michael’s face some more before erupting on Michael in a fountain of jizz. Michael buries his face in Trey’s crotch, jerks his own cock and sprays his sperm to mix with Trey’s on the sex club floor.
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