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Over the course of his career, Spike has been in seventeen movies with Channel 1 Releasing. The Best of Spike highlights the hottest moments this big dicked stud ever experienced on camera with sweltering threesomes, orgies and a self-voyeuristic solo. Featuring scenes from Spiked, Tighty Whities, and Billy Herrington's Body Shop with Billy Herrington, Dean Phoenix and Emilio Sands.
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In Face Ryders, a bunch of buttmunching, jizzspewing studs fuck each other senseless in a wild orgy. Andy Dill’s furry hole winks at handsome Gino Romano, enticing him to dive face first into Andy’s hairy, muscular ass. Studly Andy Hunter slam fucks Trent Atkins in a sling, and hairy-chested Lex Kyler gorges on muscle man Trey Rexxs beefy ass before choking down Trey’s fat dick. And that’s just the appetizer--there’s so much ass in this movie you’ll be stuffed for days!
Lex swallows Trey’s thick cock, gagging and choking as he takes it to its base. Sam feeds his fat pole to Lex while Trey sucks Lex’s dick and Lex eats Sam’s muscle butt. Andy slides a few fingers up Gino’s beefy ass to get him good and ready for a furious fucking—which he does before yanking his dick out and spraying Gino with a thick ropey load of cum. Jason sits back and tweaks his nipples as cute, smooth Park Wiley chokes on his dick and jerks off. Gil furiously pounds Sean in a sling, slides out of his greasy ass and hoses him down with his load. Park chokes on Jason’s dick while Trey throat fucks Lex and flicks his erect nips. Grunting and moaning, Jason sprays his jizz on Park’s smooth pecs and thighs while Park groans and shoots his load all over himself and the floor. Andy and Sam tag team Trent’s hot ass in a sling and take turns throat fucking him until Trent sprays his spunk all over his smooth, ripped torso, Andy sends a soaking fountain of cum all over Trent’s chest, and Sam blasts his cream all over his crotch.
In Size Is Everything, seven hot buddies discover that the best way to keep warm on a snowy ski trip in the mountains is to suck and fuck each other with their monster cocks. Hunky Alex Wilcox finds cute Patrick Allen naked in the hot tub and feeds him a big helping of manmeat before nailing his ass on a kitchen table. Easy-on-the-eyes Sam Dixon and big-dicked York Powers skewer Patrick’s holes until the three guys soak the place with spooge. Deliriously piggy Trenton Comeaux finds studly, hairy-chested Max Grand and cute Sam Crockett snuggling under a comforter, and the happy couple are even happier once they start probing Trenton’s hole and throat with their throbbing dicks. The party ultimately climaxes in an incredibly hot gang bang.
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Sam Dixon, Trenton, Max, Sam Crockett and York settle in front of the fire for a smoking hot fuck fest, with Trenton showing off his expert cock sucking skills on all the hard dicks in the room. In no time at all, the five guys are chewing on each other’s beefy pecs, sucking down cocks and eating ass. Sam Crockett and York spit-roast Trenton while Max slams his dick up Sam Dixon’s ass from behind. The whole crew erupts in a river of cum, squirting one load after another onto Sam Crockett as he lies blissfully on the couch.
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