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Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter are finally in the studio together and these guys are ready to fuck, but before Kyle gets that cock in his ass they warm each other up first, kissing and cock sucking as they get nice and hard., After theyve each gotten a good taste of each others meat, Kyle prepares himself for Ryans cock as he lies on the bed and spreads his ass, moaning as Ryan fills him up slowly with that bareback prick. When hes balls deep in that tight ass, Ryan fucks Kyle harder, dominating that hole as he pushes his hard shaft in and out of it., He turns Kyle over and fucks him doggy style on the bed, fucking him from behind, raw and deep, as Kyle groans with each thrust., When Ryan gets Kyle on his back and buries his dick between Kyles legs, he pumps him full of his thick cock while Kyle massages his own member, stroking that prick hard while Ryan fucks him, pulling out and watching Kyle come and then busting a nut himself, leaving Kyle sore and covered in
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Ryan Fields is just a quiet guy by nature, he likes to draw and swim and thats about all we know about him, so weve paired him up with Kaden Alexander, one of the most outgoing, energetic guys weve got!, It makes for a pretty hot combination, and as they strip and climb on the bed, Kaden kisses his way down to Ryans dick, massaging his balls as he gives some amazing oral. He spits and sucks on that cock until Ryan stops him and wants a turn of his own, giving him head while Kaden jerks Ryans prick from the side., Ryan licks Kadens dick up and down, getting it sloppy wet before they lube up and Ryan climbs on top of Kaden and sits on that bareback cock. He goes down slow at first, giving his tight ass a chance to adjust to Kadens impressive size before Kaden cant wait anymore and fucks him hard and fast and raw, pounding him until he cries out in pain., They try a different position, seeing if that helps to ease Ryans pain, but it doesnt seem to make a difference, Kaden is just too rough and wild to go slow for anyone!, All this bareback ass pounding is enough to get both of these studs off, and they
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Lucky Drake Tyler skips over the oral-only scene and gets right to the fucking, and his partner Ryan Fields is lucky too because Drake is in the mood to bottom! In fact, Drake loves anal play and can hardly wait to get started as he locks lips with Ryan, kissing his way down to his nipple and then his cock and sucking on that dick. Drakes expert mouth gets Ryan hard in no time, and then its Ryans turn to give head as he takes Drakes prick and makes is stand up…then gives him an extra special treat as Ryan rims Drakes hole and makes him cry out in pleasure. This guy wasnt kidding when he said he loves things up his ass, he sits right on Ryans hard cock and bounces up and down, riding that dick hard as his own meat flops around with each bounce. He bends over and lets Ryan take him hard, loving every minute of that ass-pounding as Ryan gets deep inside of him, then they take it back over to the bed and Drake lets Ryan have his way with him as these boys fuck hard until Drake erupts everywhere, shooting his load into the air! Ryan cums between Drakes ass, licks up his own jizz and feeds it to Drake, who willingly takes that
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Cage Kafig and Ryan Fields dont waste any time once we set them loose on each other, they get things going with some kisses, the clothes come off and the fun begins!, Cage yanks Ryans prick a little before giving him some oral, all while he plays with his own cock hidden in his pants., But Ryan changes that, getting that dick out so that he can taste that sweet cock, and Cage sits back and lets him do his thing until hes hard and his dick is throbbing…aching for some tight ass. He bends Ryan over the couch and slides his dick inside, balls deep, and once Ryans ass stretches, Cage starts fucking him harder and deeper and faster., Cages balls slap against Ryans ass as he takes that bareback cock way up his ass, his balls bouncing with each of Cages deep thrusts., These boys take it to the bed so that Ryan can bottom in a different position, legs up and ass spread for Cage, who takes full advantage of that tight, sore hole as he fucks him raw. Ryan moans as Cage destroys his ass, pumping him full of cock until hes ready to
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