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Joey called my cab for a ride to the train station, but he was worried he wasnt going to have enough money for the fare. So I knew a way to have us both get what we wanted joey was a handsome guy with a bulge. I asked him to show me his cock, and for half off the fare, he agreed. It was so nice I wanted more, so when rsquo;d, he give me a blowjob I offered him a ride. He had been so great that I needed to test out his butthole, although I had to teach what to do to him. I fucked him doggystyle and he began riding my cock and asking for more. He arrived in the backseat and I gave him a facial!
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Ryan Bones and Thyle Knoxx are completely suited up for a ride through the winter cold on a snowmobile. Ryan puts the machine as Thyle hangs onto his waist, then the men head back to the garage. That power between his legs has Thyle hot and heavy and he strips off his snowsuit and longjohns, then eliminates Ryan's boot and kisses, licks, and sucks his foot. Ryan fucks him doggystyle and feeds Thyle his cock, then bends him. Until he cums, rides that dick like he rode the snowmobile, then takes a deep pounding, and Ryan finishes with a facial.
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Ryan Bones has been drooling over the hot guy he sees at the skate park, so when he finds out his friend has already met Adam Awbride and thinks he might be down to try out some naughty things, he sends her over with a wad of cash to make it happen. Its easy for a pretty girl to persuade Adam to show his abs and ass and even to come home with her, but it takes a hundred bucks to convince him to try a dildo in his ass. Ryan sneaks in to replace the toy with his cock, and Adam realizes theres nothing better than the real thing.
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Shane Jackson is so excited to get his new Doc Johnson replica of Ryan Bones' dick in the mail, he doesn't realize it's being hand delivered by Ryan Bones himself. As Shane eagerly runs inside to unwrap his new toy, Ryan follows him into the house and sneaks into the bedroom. Ryan watches Shane from the corner of the room as he sticks the dildo to the closet door and plays with it. When Shane runs out of the room to answer the phone, Ryan sneaks into the closet and drills a hole in the door, replacing the dildo with his hard cock! Shane returns to continue playing with his new toy and discovers it's even more life-like than he could have dreamed!
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As an Aries we tend to be on the impulsive side, we take the lead and look for a partner who will let us try new things." Ryan Bones explains the natures of Aries men, that they're dominating and love to take a man from behind. As an Aries knows, though, talk is cheap. Ryan puts the action behind his words by letting sexy blonde Ace Quinn worship his cock with a long and intimate blowjob before instructing him to bend over and show off his perfect ass and hungry hole. Ryan strokes and teases Ace's bubble butt, stroking his cock as the muscular bottom presents himself. Ace strokes Ryan's cock between his feet, giving the dark-haired top the exact sort of new experience that an Aries craves. After the extended teasing session, Ryan gives Ace the hardcore pounding he needs, spanking his ass and drilling him deep with his thick cock.
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Justin Matthews is getting pretty familiar with the muscle-bound studs of Nutaku.nets MEN BANG emerging from his computer screen and fucking him senseless. What he couldnt have expected is that after an in-game orgy he would get sucked in to encounter Damien Stone, Ryan Bones and Will Braun in the digital flesh! The four horny hunks hop up on the massage table for a steamy fuck fest thats almost too good to be true!
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The buff, tattooed Tommy Tanner has a fantasy that he wants fulfilled. He wants a man to come into his apartment, tie him up and give it to him rough. Lucky for Tommy, dominant top Ryan Bones is ready, willing and able. Ryan shows up, masked and gloved an
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