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Cute boys Ron Negba and Jake Olsen are having a nice romantic dinner date, but you know horny boys like these can't ignore the demands of their urgent dicks for too long. The playfulness starts out with a little footsie under the table, but as the first little sip of wine slides down their necks their lust for BoyFun spills over. Of course, the sight of Jake's uncut cock out at the table might be the ultimate instigator, but whatever the cause it's a matter of moments before the boys are almost naked and getting down and dirty on the couch. It might have began with a romantic encounter but Ron shows his aggressive dominating nature when he rips the underwear from his friend and begins to greedily feast on Jake's swollen length, a delicious rigid cock that any young man would love to spend some time slurping. His own boner is quickly freed for the same in return, our long-haired lover boy proving he has just as much skill when it comes to cock-pleasing oral. Back and forth the boys enjoy their tasty tools, but their footsie fun isn't over yet. Using his smooth soles Ron grips his pal's perfect prick between his feet and wanks him off, adding a little kink to the proceedings. Jake is certainly agreeable, he's soon ready to plunge his raw inches into his dinner date and give the handsome boy a thorough fucking, but not before licking out Ron's hole and making his pucker twitch with tongue action. With the appetizers enjoyed it's time for the main course. Jake pumps his naked cock in and out of his lover's hole, fucking his boy from behind, giving him a ride on his incredible dick and spooning Ron on the couch, finally getting his friend on his back and triggering a torrent of twink cum with the incessant prodding of his prostate. Perhaps triggered by the sight and smell of the fresh cream pumping from Ron's uncut dong or the feel of his friend's ass flexing and massaging his own raw dick the boy is soon pulling out to add his own gooey dessert to the mess all over Ron's cock and abs! As the boys savor the afterglow with another sip of wine we're certain this won't be the only time the two young men spill seed this evening.
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There was a time no doubt when both STAXUS stalwart, Ron Negba, and studio rookie, Jacob Dolce, loved nothing better than to spend time down on the floor playing with their toys. Those days, however, are long since passed. In fact, like all young men, it’s their cocks that attract all their attention nowadays – or, as is the case here, the cocks of other guys. As such, it should come as no surprise that neither of them has the slightest interest in the toy-train that’s chugging around them as they kiss and cuddle; as they take the first opportunity to jump into bed in order to indulge in a fine display of cock and ball sucking, before 69-ing each other with eager relish.
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