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In a scene that could only be described as “quintessentially Joe Gage”, Ranger Allen Silver hears some noises coming from upstairs in his house, and finds his two sons— blondes Riley Burke and Brandon Cole—jerking off around a laptop to some porn. Turns out the two brothers are trying to see who can shoot their loads the furthest. Heck, since Mom’s not gonna be home for a while, rather then scold them, he joins in on their little contest. It’s the first father and son circle jerk and it turns out big dicks (and heavy loads) run in the family.
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Next day is the big Appalachia Co. 15th Annual Company Picnic—but having fun is the last thing on anyones mind. Rumors of layoffs have got everyone a bit preoccupied. TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn offers Allen Silver’s long cock up to their new boss Dillon Buck (also a TitanMen exclusive) as an offering. See, Dean’s heard rumors that Dillon is a voracious cocksucker and turns out Allen’s hefty piece is just what he was craving. Dean watches from the sidelines with Riley Burke and Brandon Cole, but those three have a hard time keeping their cocks in their pants as well and pretty soon, it’s blowjobs all around. Things move towards rimming as Brandon and Allen offer their asses up to Dean and Dillon’s darting, probing tongues. Dean cracks open Brandon’s ass with his hard cock, and Dillon’s doing the same to Allen: father and son looking into each other’s eyes while they’ve both getting pounded. Riley sneaks up behind Dean and gets his dick up his ass while he’s still fucking his brother. Pretty soon everyone’s cumming everywhere. After all five guys have dropped their loads, they move outside the tent for an extended hardcore watersports scene, with all the guys all over each other.
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