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It’s the return of Super Daddy! Nick Capra is back in the game and better than ever! Hairy hot and sweaty, dirty talking Nick takes on Noir newcomer, Taye Scott in a no holes barred, battle of the best. Nick destroys Taye’s hole and he gladly takes every nasty inch of Nick’s hairy cock. I think this house will sell for sure.
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Nick and Chuck hog tie Corbin Michaels and hand him over to be fucked by Nick Capra. Nick and Chuck are back out on the road looking for more trouble. They find and tie up cute Corbin Michaels in the back of their jeep and dump him in the alley where handsome, muscular Nick Capra wastes no time roughing up his victim, first forcing Corbin to tongue clean his ass as he slides up and down his face, then shoving his thick, stiff dick down Corbin’s throat and spitting in his face as Corbin sucks and slurps on his rod. Nick turns the tables on Corbin and sucks Corbin’s dick for awhile, then slams a hot fuck up Corbin’s muscular ass. Corbin pulls on his dick as he bounces wildly on Nick’s greasy pole. Nick fucks him every possible way, standing up then on his back, opening Corbin’s tight fuck hole and shoving deep inside as Corbin angrily spits in his face. Nick erupts in a volcano of jizz, spraying a huge load of hot cum all over Corbin’s taut body and then greedily licking it up. Corbin shoots all over his own hot six-pack and when he’s done, Nick tosses his ass out on the street.
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Days later, Billy is surprised at the arrival of his criminal stepbrother Logan Bryant, who needs a place to crash. But Billys bud Nick Capra has other ideas when he catches Logans young cohorts Johnny Kfir and Sebastian Jaymz hiding in the bushes. Nick buries his hungry tongue deep into Sebastians hole and then buries his his big boner deep into his hole. Logan then starts to pound his stepbrother before the two tops switch bottoms and the cum starts to fly.
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In Giant Pt. 2, some really big-dicked guys slam fuck each other on every chair, couch and rug in the room. The massive orgy of cock sucking and ass play comes to a spunk-soaked climax when muscle stud Billy Houston takes one mule cock after another up his beefy round ass until hot and handsome Gil Cortez paints Billy’s butt cheeks with a load of his hot seed, and Billy finally gets to blast off his own wad of jizz.
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A massive orgy of cock sucking and ass play is in progress, with a dozen hung and horned-up guys drenched in sweat as they choke on each other’s meaty dicks. Rugged Trent Cougar beats handsome Billy Houston’s face with his fat dick, then grabs Billy’s head and furiously face fucks him. Next to them, Park Wiley slides his ass up and down on Nick Capra’s giant pogo stick of a cock; after a long ride, Park flips over on all fours and Nick continues to ream his ass from behind. Cute Owen Hawk is on his knees servicing hot Gil Cortez’s monster meat. Gil spit lubes Owen’s luscious jock-strapped bubble butt, then slides a few fingers deep up Owen’s greasy manhole. Handsome Parker Williams goes back and forth swallowing Andy Hunter’s and Chad Hunt’s mule cocks, gagging as he takes their enormous shafts deep down his throat while Andy and Chad make out. Mike Vista chokes on Colin McRath’s dick, then Colin flips Mike onto all fours and plunges his cock deep up Mike’s bottomless ass
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Now that their cocks are slick with spit and asses greased up good, the guys move on to some hardcore butt fucking. Gil Cortez mounts Owen Hawk’s ass from behind and slam fucks him mercilessly, cracking Owen’s ass open with each thrust as Owen moans and groans in pleasure. Colin McRath pins Mike Vista’s muscular legs back behind his ears and drives his cock deep down Mike’s sloppy fuck hole. Trent Cougar smacks Billy Houston’s ass until it’s red and ready for his cock, then grabs hold of his waist and pile drives his butt. Nearby, Nick Capra lies back and lets cock hungry Park Wiley help himself to Nick’s rockhard dick. On another couch, York Powers buries his face in Drew Peters’s beefy butt, then drills him from behind while masked man Jake forcefeeds Drew his meaty dick. Getting his throat fucked and ass slammed at the same time makes Drew blast a huge load of sticky spunk all over the carpet.
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