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After the courtroom drama wraps up, Cole Tucker walks into a bar, his tattooed muscles bulging out of a tank top, and orders Tuck Johnson, now the new bar tender, to strip. A massive and nasty orgy erupts. Big and muscled Tony DeAngelo swallows Tuck’s fat cock while Michael Brandon and Logan Reed suck face and Cole and Michael feast on Logan’s hairy pecs. Cole chews out Steve’s ass, then fucks him forcefully on top of the bar while Michael feeds Logan his enormous cock. Cole and Tony chew on Cole’s jock while Tuck swallows their massive shafts. Back on the top of the bar, Logan and Steve back their asses up on a double headed dildo wielded by Cole—and of course, everybody ultimately pumps out a gallon of jizz all over the place.
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Meanwhile, back at the shoot, the crew is in a frenzy of wild man sex, feeding their huge cocks to each other, licking bulging ball sacks and tugging on foreskin, tonguing hot ass and furiously fucking each other. Colton piston fucks Blake until they’re both swimming in a pool of sweat. As the party drives towards its inevitable climax, a circle jerk sends jizz flying everywhere; Damian butt-bangs Sean doggy style while Zach and Peter dump their copious loads on Damian’s hairy chest and shoulders. Damian finger fucks a creamy load out of Sean, and Blake fingers Colton, who grunts like a wild beast as he pumps out a jet of jizz.
In another part of the club, a group of beefy, muscled guys suck their buddies’ cocks through glory holes and chain link fences. Billy Knight gives an enormously-endowed hunk an incredible blow job, slowly sliding what must be 12 inches of meat all the way down his throat while horsehung Michael Brandon writhes in ecstasy as another guy lathers up his cock with spit. Hot, muscular Joey Russo facefucks hairy, inked stud Gus Avery through the chain link fence; Gus gags and chokes with each thrust of Joey’s huge cock as he strokes his own dick. Fireplug Andrew Addams makes a meal of beefy Drew Andrews’s cock, wrapping his lips around every inch as it throbs and bounces through the glory hole. Max Grand stands on a bench as Eric Johansson continues to obediently service his cock. Max teases Eric, slowly sliding his cock into Eric’s wet mouth then slamming it all the way down his hungry throat. Max grabs Eric by the ears and drills his face as Eric chokes and spits with each thrust. Finally, Max strokes his cock and blasts a huge load of sperm, basting Eric with cum.
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In another dark corner of the club, Joey Russo grabs Gus Avery’s hair and guides his cock down Gus’s throat, then pulls out and beats his throbbing cock on Gus’s big hairy chest while Gus’s own cock throbs at attention. Joey pulls out of Gus’s mouth and sprays him with gobs of hot spunk. Tall, lean Matt Bradshaw beats cute Jacob Hayes in the face with his cock while Jacob jacks his own dick. Andrew Addams tongues and swallows Drew Andrews’s rigid rod until Drew shoots his load right on Andrew. Michael Brandon drenches Casey Williams in a shower of jizz while Casey strokes off and shoots his own load all over the floor. Ever-ready Andrew finds Eric and Jacob and goes back and forth on them, servicing their hard dicks and pulling on their ball sacks until both lob giant volleys of cum all over his chest. They then get down on their knees as Andrew strokes his cock and soaks them both with his hot load. Still hungry for cock, Eric and Jacob suck Matt’s dick, sliding his cock back and forth between their tongues and licking his balls until Matt grabs their heads as he thrusts his cock between their tongues, ultimately firing off an incredible blast of spunk.
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At the beginning of The List, Alex LeMonde and Michael Brandon stroke their cocks while comparing notes about their weekend conquests. In the first story, Michael’s in his dungeon feeding Nick Thomas his mammoth horsedick, which Nick eagerly swallows as he strokes his own stiff rod. Michael spreads Nick’s muscular legs wide open to tongue his hot hole, then plunges his cock deep into Nick’s fuck chute. Nick rides Michael’s cock, impaling himself on its massive girth and groaning as he slides up and down. Nick lies back in a sling and slides his ass back and forth on Michael’s throbbing member until he blasts a huge load all over himself, then Michael pulls out and shoots his own load to mix in with Nick’s sticky cum.
00:24:21 min
In Prowl 3, an amazing bunch of butt-pumping, spunk-spewing studs go at each other nonstop in a massive gang bang at a local sex club. Lean and tattooed Brad McGuire fucks Diego Alvarez’s well-greased muscular ass while tall, lean fuck machine Michael Brandon slams Carlos Morales’s beefy butt. All around them, more handsome, hairy muscular studs bang away at each other in slings, suck hungrily on each other’s fat cocks and tongue some mighty tasty holes through glory holes and toilet seats, finishing up with an explosive finale between hot and hairy studs Colton Ford and Blake Harper.
Nick plows Steve in a sling, jamming his cock deep in Steve’s butt as Steve swings back and forth onto his pole. They both jerk off with Nick splattering Steve’s face with a huge load of sticky cream and Steve shooting cum all over Nick’s crotch. Hot and hairy Damian Ford (wearing a hood and metal harness) feeds cute muscular Antonio a helping of hot dick through a glory hole, then bangs the cum out of him in a sling before shooting a huge wad of his own cum all over Antonio. Ben Archer and Michael Brandon spit roast handsome Rich Strong, smacking his hard ass as they trade off fucking his butt and throat. Michael quivers and shakes as he shoots his load all over Rich’s back before hungrily licking it up.
00:13:03 min
Amazingly ripped and smooth Diego Alvarez straddles a wooden hobby horse, stroking his fat uncut cock and playing with his hard erect nipples when hot lean Brad McGuire finds him, bends him over and slowly feasts on Diego’s luscious butt. Hunky Carlos Morales joins the action, stuffing Diego’s face with his big dick. Tall, sexy huge-dicked Michael Brandon comes on the scene, bends Carlos over next to Diego, finger fucks Carlos’ muscle butt, eats his inviting ass and plows him hard while Brad slam fucks Diego right next to him. Howling with intense pleasure, they all spray their loads over Michael, who shoots an incredibly huge wad of cum all over his hard, tanned torso.
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And if you need to brush up on your cock-sucking skills, check out Blow Me Part 1, where another pack of horn dogs are locked away in a sex club with nothing to do but suck the spunk out of each other and spray their pals with sticky cum. Michael Brandon feasts on one huge dick after another while he strokes his own massive boner; once he’s had his fill of dick, he gags cute Tuck Johnson with his massive meat, making Tuck launch a huge wad of jizz all over himself. Dark and handsome Max Grand skillfully multitasks with one rigid cock in each hand and a couple in his mouth, and obedient Billy Knight sucks cock so good he ends up covered in sticky sperm.
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We dive right into the action at a sex club, with one guy after another on his knees sucking furiously on engorged cock. Hot, smooth Tuck Johnson sucks, gags and gets his face righteously fucked as his top barks orders for him to swallow his dick; tall, lean and cock-hungry Michael Brandon swallows a pair of massive rockhard boners. Hunky Billy Knight and sexy Max Grand are on their knees covered in sweat and gobbling down dick as handsome goateed Andrew Addams slobbers hungrily on a thick piece of meat.
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