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RFC favorite top Tyler Roberts teams up with the gay porn industry's top bottom Michael Boston. Michael's bubble butt is the perfect match for Tyler's big thick cock and Tyler eagerly pounds and uses Michael's ass opening up his hole nice and deep.
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Benjamin Dover is in the studio today to help break in newbie Michael Boston, and although Michael got a pretty late start on sex, hes ready to jump in and try some new things., They get closer, making out as Ben undresses Michael until his pants are off and Michaels cock is in Bens mouth, that dick sliding in and out of his lips as he breaks to suck on Michaels balls., Michael returns the favor, giving Ben some oral as Bens cock gets hard and thick on Michaels tongue, and when theyre ready to fuck, Ben takes that hard shaft and lines it up with Michaels hole. Michael moans as Ben pushes himself inside, filling that tight ass with his fat cock and then fucking him hard and bareback, giving that ass a few good smacks before climbing onto the bed with Michael to pound him some more., Ben wraps his hand around Michaels neck as he fucks him, getting deep into Michaels sore, stretched hole as he gives him every inch of that raw dick., Ben pulls Michael onto his knees to fuck him doggy style, slamming into that ass while Michael jerks his own cock until he shoots his hot seed across the bed and bends back over to take more of Bens prick., As much as Ben loves Michaels tight ass around his swollen dick, he cant hold back his
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Chris Taylor and Michael Boston are in the studio today and these guys are ready to fuck, locking lips and making out as Michael undresses, his cock springing free as Chris pulls off his pants., Chris leans down to take that dick between his soft lips, sucking him off as Michael moans above him, loving every stroke of Chriss tongue as it works his cock., When Chris lies back on the bed, Michael takes that chance to capture Chriss prick in his mouth, sucking it while he swings his legs over to straddle Chriss face, 69ing with him as both guys give and receive. When Chris is throbbing hard, Michael moves forward and sits his tight ass on Chriss waiting dick, riding him reverse cowboy as that raw cock slides in and out of his slick hole., Michael gets on all fours and Chris pounds him mercilessly, lost in the feeling of Michaels taut ass hugging his swollen cock, flipping him over onto his back and taking him like that, hand wrapped around Michaels throat as they fuck., Chris pulls out of Michaels sore ass and busts a nut at the base of Michaels hard cock, giving him a taste before lying back and letting Michael
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Charlie Maddoxx and Michael Boston are both newer guys, but they didnt come into this with a lot of expectations, so theyre always ready and willing to try new things and keep it fresh for the members! They press their lips together and peel each others clothes off until theyre naked on the bed and Charlie gets down for a taste of Michaels sweet cock, sucking him off and then turning him around to rim that hole., Charlie spanks Michael as he buries his face between his ass cheeks and licks that tight ring of muscle while Michael reaches back to play with himself, getting harder as Charlie aligns his throbbing prick with Michaels wet hole. Charlie pushes himself into Michael, sheathing his cock to the hilt in Michaels tight little ass and fucking him hard, raw and deep as he pulls Michaels hair and pumps into him. Michael flips onto his back to pleasure Charlie with his mouth, head hanging over the side of the bed as he takes Charlies cock between his lips and gets his face fucked while he jerks his own hard member., As Charlie hits the back of Michaels throat with his dick, Michael strokes out his own load and then takes a face full of Charlies
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Aron Kronos and Michael Boston are both newer guys to BSB, but they hit the ground running so theres not much they havent done yet or arent willing to do!, Outside the studio they have some great chemistry, and it clearly followed them into the bedroom as they press their lips together hungrily, stealing kisses from each other as they get undressed and Aron pulls out his cock., Michael hangs his head over the edge of the bed, letting Aron fuck his face before leaning over Michael to capture Michaels dick in his mouth and sucking it as they 69. Aron sticks his ass in Michaels face, making him rim that hole but then returning the favor as he bends Michael in half and runs his tongue along Michaels tight little ass before Aron splits that ass open with his hard shaft., Aron fucks Michael bareback, driving his dick into him hard and deep after he lets Michaels ass adjust to his shaft inside of him, flipping Michael onto his stomach and taking him like that next., As Aron dominates Micheals ass, Michael turns around and takes that dick doggy style before shooting his load across the bed and bending over to let Aron
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Shhh! Cute and confident Dakota Payne is rabbit hunting! Every year that dang bunny tries to get away with something but now Dakota has a plan... Binoculars in hand and spring vest unbuttoned, his cocky chuckles soon turn to moans as he discovers the man beneath the mask: sexy bae Michael Boston! Celebrate the cumming of spring with these two as they take their party home and spend the day fucking like bunnies. Enjoy!
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Handsome studs Collin Simpson and Michael Boston are talking Michaels performance as a shirt with their muscle doctor, Reese Rideout, who proposes that Michael decide to take to bottoming to produce him a better shirt. Hunky Reese combines the couple as he undresses, showing his body, and puts on his knees to receive yourself a taste of their hard cocks. Reese then lubes his enormous cock and slides it slowly in gorgeous Michael, rsquo hole, as Michael keeps deep-throating Collin, rsquo ;s dick. The three studs switch positions and Michael starts riding as Collin gets face-fucked by Reese, Collin, s thick cock ontop of rsquo, s desk. Collin and Reese simply take turns Michael upward and take turns fucking him senseless. This hot threesome culminates in to Michael getting double penetrated by both of these massive cocks until all three take their loads all over each other.
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Rival gymnasts Michael Boston and Dante Colle are not pleased to discover they've been double-booked for a massage, but muscular masseur Collin Simpson assures the athletes that he can handle both of them at once. Dante gets jealous listening to Michael's moans as Collin gives him a rubdown, so he sneaks over to his robe to put in a butt plug. When Collin spots the toy in Dante's ass, he gives his booty a thorough massage before pulling out the plug with his teeth and eating his hole! Michael comes over to see what's happening, but the guys agree there's more than enough of Collin to go around. Dante sucks two cocks at once before Collin and Dante Eiffel tower Michael. Then it's Dante's turn to get fucked, and both Dante and Michael pound Collin's tight ass before they cum and the burly masseur gives them both a facial.
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Lots of times inmates believe that the only way for them to be protected is to do sexual favors for another inmate. But the only ones with enough power and proper training are us, the guards. Only we can properly protect them. This week, we came across some sexual activity in the storage facility. We broke it up and question the newest of the two inmates. We explained to him how things go around here, and that we’re the only ones to be trusted. From there, he decided to get on our good side. The inmate dropped to his knees and began going at it. Things escalated from there and fun was had by all. Now we have an inmate that trusts us and knows exactly who’s running things in here.
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Michael and step daddy Jason go out for a nude excursion. Jason asks to be oiled up so he can get an even tan line. Frustrated Jason turns around and gives Michael a thorough rub down. When they're done, Michael starts enjoying the water and Jason starts enjoying his stepson. They joined in by Devin, and they can't help but notice his giant cock. Jason and Michael are enthusiastic to oil him up. They soon make their way home, Jason and Devin take turns fucking Michael's perfect pink hole.
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