To come in
two friends --lean Max Fonda and ripped Mark Zebro--are still getting some drinks in the inns lounge. When the waiter drops off their drinks, Mark grabs him slips his tongue down his throat as he pulls on Simons clothes off. Max gets turned on watching the two of them go and starts jerking and stroking his cock. Simon can capture while his own pole is fed by Max to Mark, Mark, s rotating shaft into his mouth gagging and choking on it. Mark and Max jerk away together, drenching Simon, s torso with two huge wads of spunk till he blasts a enormous load all over the ground, while Simon manhandles his cock.
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In a dark sex club, leather-clad Eric Tomfor waits for someone to feast on his smooth, tan chest. Scruffy-haired Ron Sykora is happy to oblige, kissing and rubbing the muscular hottie. Behind them, a big uncut cock waits for attention through a glory hole. Ron sucks it as an excited Eric watches, soon pulling Ron back to feast on his dick. Tall and thin Max Fonda reveals himself, his cock competing for attention in Ron’s hungry mouth. Max soon drops down to suck as Ron’s thick slab gets a spit bath. Eric licks Ron’s chest, prompting a smile from Ron before he drops to the floor as the three squirt. In a nearby room, Ron assumes the position between the tops, sucking Max while getting eaten by Eric—who soon slides his steel shaft inside, his shoulder muscles flexing as he fucks. The bottom is soon on his back, an aerial shot looking down on his hot bod. Ron’s meaty cock stays beautifully stiff as he strokes while getting plowed. Max then takes his turn inside the bottom’s butt as Eric dick-whips Ron’s face. The two tops smile at each other as they stuff Ron’s holes, and Eric gets one more crack at the bottom’s ass before they aim another round of loads over his chest.
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