To come in
The action begins with a close-up of sex-pig Rik Jammer who's lying in a sling getting his big, round ass eaten by Aaron Tanner. He tugs on his own giant, rock-hard nipples and moans as Tanner switches to sucking his cock and working his fingers into his ass, one at a time. Jammer gets that look of concentration all serious handball bottoms get as three, then four fingers go in. All of the moaning attracts the attention of Michael Soldier who comes over and starts sucking Jammer's fat cock. As Tanner's fist punches his ass, Jammer throws back his head, now covered in sweat, while the look of concentration gets replaced by one of pure ecstasy! Meanwhile, the cameras have been showing some of the other action in the room and move on to Jeff Allen and Scott Samson. Allen is on all fours on the corner of a fuck bench getting punch-fucked by Samson. Samson relentlessly works one fist, then the other deep into Allen's ass. Cameraman Matthew Green (who's in chaps with his cock hanging out) catches the action, working the camera and his dick at the same time.
00:26:30 min
Next, cameraman Matthew Green gives you a unique firsthand perspective as he shoots from the sling! The group forms a circle-jerk around the sling and takes turns licking his ass, sucking his cock and fisting him. You can here someone say 'stop hogging him, spin him around this way.' Green turns the camera over to Pachman who zooms in on his ass. An unidentified fist fills his ass with Crisco and begins to fist him. The action reaches a boiling point as the guys stand around cheering while Green takes a fist to the elbow shouting 'Give it to me you fucker!'
Up Your Alley Part 2 brings you back to the after-the-street-fair-sex-party and picks up with more fist-fucking-frenzy. Jeff Allen pries open Aaron Tanner's ass for Leif Gobo's camera, Michael Soldier fists Rik Jammer in the corner and Matthew Green puts down his camera to fist Sky Donovan on a fuck bench. Donovan writhes at the end of Green's fist, jerking off until he shoots a huge load all over himself and the floor behind him. Then Donovan turns the tables by throwing Green down and fucking him hard in the ass. But it isn't until Donovan puts his fist in his ass that Green comes. Next to pop is Jeff Allen who pulls out of Aaron Tanner and shoots his load across the room! Donovan and Green jump into the action while Allen fists Tanner until he gets his nut.
00:23:02 min