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After months with no sex, Markus Kage starts getting jealous of his roommate Malik Delgaty's gay hookups... and maybe also horny over Malik's big dick and muscle ass. After peeking at Malik's sexy video call, Markus gets caught spying on him in the shower, and the burly gay top offers his bicurious bud a deal: a grapple sesh where the first to tap out gets fucked! Malik pins Markus, who eagerly sucks his cock and takes his first ever dick in doggystyle. Markus likes it so much, he rides Malik reverse, then takes it deep in piledriver till he cums and Malik pulls out and sprays him with hot jizz.
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In Part 2 of the Masqulin Impulse Buy series, Markus Kage makes a detour to the underbelly of the store where he discovers a very naked and ready Alex Mecum blindfolded and ass up. Markus has a decision to make. He can turn around and pretend he never saw this or he can allow himself to venture into unchartered territories.
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Markus Kage is a year into his bromance with Pierce Paris. It’s their anniversary, and Pierce still hasn’t put it in Markus’ big round ass yet despite him wanting. While Pierce is off to work, Markus gets hard playing with his hole and thinking back to his first time getting glanded by Alex Mecum’s big cock. When Pierce comes home, Markus has a big surprise for him - he’s ass up and ready for take 2 of getting prostate glanded. What a wonderful surprise!
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Markus Kage can be a year to his bro mance with Pierce Paris. Its O their anniversary, also Pierce hasnt put it Markus despite him desiring enormous circular ass nonetheless. Markus gets hard playing his hole and also presuming straight back to his very first time getting glanded with Alex Mecum, rsquo, Although Pierce is off to function ;s enormous cock. Markus has a surprise when Pierce arrives dwelling -- hes bum up and prepared for just take of getting prostate glanded, 2. What a fantastic surprise!
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Markus Kage comes home frustrated from a hard day at work and is looking to take it out on Alex Mecum's big ass. But, not this time! Alex wants to help Markus finally release all his pent up tension - with a good prostate orgasm or glanding!
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