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After the courtroom drama wraps up, Cole Tucker walks into a bar, his tattooed muscles bulging out of a tank top, and orders Tuck Johnson, now the new bar tender, to strip. A massive and nasty orgy erupts. Big and muscled Tony DeAngelo swallows Tuck’s fat cock while Michael Brandon and Logan Reed suck face and Cole and Michael feast on Logan’s hairy pecs. Cole chews out Steve’s ass, then fucks him forcefully on top of the bar while Michael feeds Logan his enormous cock. Cole and Tony chew on Cole’s jock while Tuck swallows their massive shafts. Back on the top of the bar, Logan and Steve back their asses up on a double headed dildo wielded by Cole—and of course, everybody ultimately pumps out a gallon of jizz all over the place.
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In Dont Ask, Dont Tell!, a bunch of tough men in uniform dont ask and dont tell but sure do a lot of ass pumping and throat fucking; these guys are packing some seriously deadly artillery and they know how to use it! Big-dicked Thom Barron fucks lean n ripped Tuck Johnsons eager throat in the shower and dares him to tell anybody about it. Handsome Matt Bradshaw and horse-hung Chad Johnson spear Blake Harper and then drench his hairy pecs in giant wads of sperm. Logan Reed and Jason Branch fuck Steve Cassidy senseless before the guys all gather in a bar for an incredibly hot orgy featuring Michael Brandons massive cock as the star attraction.
00:02:26 min