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Award-winning director Marc MacNamara provides a masterful drama which follows the stories of three young men that are sent to conversion therapy camp, ultimately demonstrating that the love and human want overcome all in A Murdered Heart., these studs find solace from bonds and the connections they have in the camp with the others like them, since they struggle with manipulative methods used to restrain people into changing their novelty. They navigate the anguish of being condemned while there, as they detect escape during their steamy connections however, a rebellion is about the increase. On the very first night in the camp, Joseph (Angel Rivera) has a nightmare about the night his father captured him and his boyfriend Alexander Savage fucking and cumming on each others faces from the dark. After Phillip (Ty Mitchell) and Charlie (Colton Reece) devise a plan to escape the camp, they stop off in an abandoned truck for some cock sucking and hole-pounding activity that finishes in facials. After the pastors helper Cade Maddox is on duty to observe Joseph (Angel Rivera) in isolation, Cade learns he could t even deny his cravings and pounds Joseph challenging before nutting all on his face. In a wicked twist, Josephs daddy Johnny Hazzards deepest secrets are disclosed and also discoveries come to light by Jessy Ares using a puzzle appearance. In case you have waited your whole life to touch another man, what would you do when you were set free? Find out in, rdquo, A Murdered Heart; from NakedSword Originals.
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Practicing a balance drill in the woods, Jessy Ares jumps down to the welcoming arms and lips of Alessio Romero. Their hands all over each other, the two passionately kissing as spit drips down. Jessy unzips, his steel shaft at attention. The two exchange blows in an intense sequence where the spit continues to fly. Jessy grabs hold of Alessios head and fucks his face, getting more verbal as he whips his dick on the suckers tongue. Alessio grips Jessys sac, engulfing his balls before getting sucked again. Jessy tongues his buds hole before feeding Alessio some more, drilling the hairy studs face as his own ass muscles clench. After licking Jessys jock hole, Alessios impressive deep-throat skill is caught in a hot profile shot. Alessio rubs Jessys chest, his hairy forearm caressed by the smiling stud. The two squirt, their arms wrapped around each other as they kiss. Soon on all fours, the energetic Jessy offers his ass: Thats all yours... fuck me hard! His stiff dick bounces with each deep thrust from Alessio. On his back, Jessys bod is caught in a great overhead shot that captures his throbbing cock and bouncing balls. The two switch positions, Jessy feeding Alessio a finger as he fucks the tattooed hunk -- whose forehead clenches as he gets rammed in two positions, their sweaty bods soon coated in more cum.
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“Turn off the surveillance camera,” demands Jessy Ares. He has military man Jesse Jackman helpless in a chair as he tries to get to the bottom of a breaking scandal involving secret service misconduct. “Stand up,” orders the officer, who takes out the muscle man’s cock and strokes it. “I…don’t understand where this is going, sir,” says a nervous Jesse. “Evidence, colonel!” answers the interrogator, trying to recreate the events that landed Jesse in trouble. “You’re beginning to get hard…is that what happened then?” asks Jessy, a “Yes, sir” his answer. Jesse sucks the stud deep getting him to do the same: “Choke on my cock!” yells the alpha, spit dripping to the floor. Jessy bends his subject over the chair and fucks him, his balls banging as his abs clench: “Open that hole up for me!” (“Yes, sir!”). Jessy slaps the bottom’s ass, then turns him over—resting his hand on Jesse’s monster pec as he plows away, the two finally releasing their loads.
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Waiting for his background vocalists, a frustrated Jessy Ares gets reassured by manager Marco Wilson -- who offers a kiss to calm down his client, their jean-bursting bulges rubbing. The tension builds, the two breathing heavy as their chemistry catches fire. Marco works up his buddy, culminating when Jessys huge cock bounces out of his briefs. Marco sniffs it, deep sucking him as voyeur Junior Stellanos reflection is caught on the other side of the studio window in an amazing shot. Junior feeds Marcos spit-soaked mouth, Jessy then sliding his slab between their pursed lips. Wilfried Knight arrives, slurping on Jessy as Junior gets worshipped by Marco. The four squirt, Wilfried soon deep-fingering Junior as Marco eats an increasingly verbal Jessy (Spit on it!) before fucking him. Junior gets on the table, which squeaks as Jessy rams him. Marco then slides in behind Jessy, who gyrates between them in a hot fuck chain. Wilfried gets reamed by all three, a great fuck by Marco inside Juniors tight hole (Fuck me! Don’t stop!) finishing it off.
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