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Jean Franko gets exactly what he needs, he just reaches out and grabs it including Yohann's pert arse as he's delivering the beers. Yohanngrabs right back at the man bulge and's happy to be caught. He know's chewon that the foreskin of his hot and meaty cock before setting it deep within him and he'll get to play the solid, furry body of Jean Franko. Till he's ready to burst Yohann is firmly in charge, riding the buttocks - and Yohann's there to lap up every drop of cum from Jean Franko's cock if he can. Sense it and tasting it, thick and hot inside his beard makes him take a load that is potent.
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When Jean Franko came back to town after his father's passing, he had no idea his estate was being handled by a horny sultry stud lawyer Max Adonis. Immediately cueing in on the sexual energy, Max doesn't waste any time in making his interest known. It's been said that the mourning process is different for everyone. In Jean's case, it includes banging the hell out of his father's lawyer all over his workshop. We can't see a better way to fill a void then shoving a fat uncut cock into it.
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Jean Franko is a rich man with a taste for luxury, and when the barrel-chested muscle daddy gets a spa treatment he expects the full package. Luckily, Jeans masseur Chris Loan knows exactly how to give Jean what he wants. The muscular stud massages Jean, running his hands through the burly mans thick chest hair before giving him a long and sensual rubdown. Chris takes Jeans thick uncut cock deep into his throat, servicing him gladly before offering up his tight pink hole to the dark-haired and dominant Jean. Not content just to pound the fit cutie, Jean takes a ride on Chris long hard cock until theyre both ready to blow their loads all over the spa.
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When Justin Matthews encounters Spanish-speaking hotties Jean Franko and Lucas Fox, one might think that the language divide between them would be too great to bridge. However, he soon learns that among horny travellers certain things are universally understood, chief among them enthusiastic blowjobs and eternally hungry holes. Jean and Lucas make a meal of Justin, pounding him from both sides in their hostel room while he begs them for more. Youll be feeling a lot more than wanderlust when you see the Eiffel Tower these boys have cooked up.
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Tattooed and shaved headed Orson Dean and the muscular hunk Jean Franko collide, the two statuesque men exploring each others bodies as Orson sensually worships Jeans thick and uncut cock. Orson arches his back in ecstasy as Jean tongues and fingers his tight hole, getting it ready for the deep and intense pounding that hes begging for. Jean gives Orson every inch, pushing him to his limits while the sexy otter writhes with pleasure until both hairy studs have given everything they can and cum-covered, are finally spent.
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