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Steven Roman was riding the Bait Bus with Mia Martinez. They spotted Jason Wolf jogging through a park. Mia did her part and lured him into the bus. He was a young innocent kid. He didn’t mind they blindfolded him. Obviously Mia switched places with Steven and Steven started to suck Jason’s dick.They took a picture of it. When Mia removed the blindfold they showed Jason the picture of who was sucking him. Jason got mad, he wanted out of the bus. But they convinced him with $3000. So now Jason was fucking Steven. He fucked him doggie. Then Steven was riding him. Jason must have been in the closet for a while has fucked ass really well. After Jason came they obviously kicked him off the bus and left him stranded in the middle of nowhere.
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Handsome Filipino mix Jason Wolf has gorgeous piercing eyes, full lips and a thick dick framed by downy pubes. His first gay thoughts and experiences revolved around high school gym classes and sports, so its no surprise that he is turned on by muscular, fit guys who work out. Hes attracted to the interesting mix at PeterFever of the Asian models and their fuck buddies of all races and backgrounds. Sitting at a sunny patio chair, Jason reaches into his shorts to fondle his dick and balls. He wriggles out of them to begin stroking. His cock has a beautiful mushroom head, and his nuts are full and large. He has that important quality of peering straight into the camera, creating a mood that hes looking directly at you and sharing his pleasure. Jasons legs are muscular and hairy, like a young athlete. He cups his hand around his tool as he makes love to it. When he smiles sweet dimples show in his sculpted cheeks. He runs a hungry tongue across his full lips as his sex drive kicks up a gear. Its getting close to blastoff. His hips pump up into each stroke, and his nuts pull up close and tight. A huge load cums rocketing out to coat his dick and drip own onto his smooth belly. Jason sighs in satisfaction and relief.
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After Christians noisy hookup with Axel, Damian is royally pissed off and determined to one up him in the noise department. He tells his actor boyfriend Jason that this is the casting couch and his instructions are to play to the upper balcony. Jason throws himself into a big loud performance that keeps Christian awake in the next room. Damian loves the attention and encourages every juicy slurp as Jason eagerly swallows his stiff cock. Its the kind of blowjob most guys never experience, with Jasons great oral skills and big batting eyelashes adding something exxxtra. Damian is inspired to get in there and show off his own expertise in the cocksucking department, deepthroating his young charge down to the fuzzy pubes. "OOHH yeah, JUST like that!" Jason eggs him on, with an extra slap against the wall for good measure. Damian gets down on all fours to get his ass eaten, and Jason rims his hot daddy hole with gusto. Spreading Damians cheeks with both hands, he runs his tongue up and down the hairy crack. But now its time to fuck, and Jasons the one getting reamed. Damian plows in hard and buries his pole balls deep. The bed can barely stay still with the power of these two studs banging away. "Hell yeah, that hole is YOURS!" Jason moans. When theyre ready to blast, Damian kneels by Jasons face as the young stud spurts all over his abs. Damians cum shoots across Jasons cheek and he eagerly licks it up. "Hows that for your peace and quiet!?" Damian yells across to Christian as he pounds the wall between them.
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Axels trip to the 420 dispensary with Jason takes a detour into the wilds of Nevada desert. They hike to a secluded clearing and start pawing at each others tight bodies and well-packed crotches. Axel wraps his muscular arm around Jasons neck and pulls him closer. They tug at the thickening woodies inside their shorts. Jason works his way down to Axels dick and pulls it out of his gym cutoffs. He opens wide as Axel fucks his face, then slaps the cock around his mouth. As the guys get hot, the desert sun beats down even hotter. Its time for a change of pace and a cooler spot to take things to the next level. Racing back to town and a friends vacant pool, Axel cools Jason off in the sparkling water before he rams his dick into the young studs hungry ass. Jason braces with his hands against a towel on the sun-baked deck. Jason reaches down to stroke his cock in perfect rhythm with Axels expert drilling. He rolls onto his back while Axel stands in the shallow end to plow straight in. Jasons nuts tighten up into firing position as Axel grabs his ankles and starts fucking like a crazed animal. Theyre both ready to blow. Axel lies on the towel while Jason grinds his hardest on the big cock. They groan and moan in the hot desert sun as Jason sprays his load straight up and onto his warm bronzed abs. Axel sprays onto Jasons handsome face and gets his cummy dick licked up clean before they kiss and get ready to head back to the house.
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Finally, its the final foursome youve been waiting for! Christian Matthews, Damian Dragon, Axel Kane and Jason Wolf are back this week but Jason has a devious little plan. A little herbal infused dessert after fucking in the desert is just whats needed to set the mood for the all out fuck-a-thon to come. Its fours company as our boys suck each others dicks, pound each others asses and blow their loads in a Bukakke cum facial finale; giving Christian the creamy dessert hes been lusting for all along.
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