To come in
There is a smoldering ember of wish shining deep inside every guy. Begin to see the fly once the lifestyles of three beautiful musclemen come crashing towards a sizzling intersection of lust, enthusiasm and infidelity. There is no showing how extreme the wishes will end up. Negotiate back like a planet of stunning males and smoldering gender unfolds before your eyes and revel in the trip.
Thick, hard-bodied agent Jason Ridge heads to the point (crossing paths on the way with François Sagat) where agents Alex Baresi and Fred Faurtin have scheduled their rendezvous in the forest to swap information. But secrets aren’t all the two agents are sharing, as Jason spies on Alex and Fred getting distracted as they kiss and peel off their shirts, revealing Alex’s thickly muscled back and incredibly hot, hairy pecs and Fred’s tight, lean, smooth torso. Alex chews on Fred’s erect nipples and gives his pits a tongue bath, then unzips him and swallows his uncut dickshaft, lavishing special attention on the bulbous cockhead glistening with precum. Jason, who’s been stroking his dick and watching from behind some bushes, strips down and joins the action. Jason and Alex take turns slurping greedily on Fred’s dick, then as Alex and Fred kiss, Jason goes back and forth stroking and sucking their two uncut cocks. Fred and Alex kiss and take turns biting and chewing each other’s nipples until they both soak Jason’s pecs with a double load of creamy cum. Still rock hard, Fred looks on as Jason fucks Alex’s face and spews a torrent of jizz all over his hairy chest. Jason eats Alex’s hairy muscle butt, slowly licking his crack and hole, then Fred gives it a go, spreading Alex’s hairy asscheeks and driving his tongue in deep. Having gotten a tantalizing taste of Alex’s meaty ass, Fred and Jason lube up their condom-sheathed cocks and take turns fucking the hell out of him. Fred gets Jason on his back with his thick legs in the air and eats his ass; Fred and Alex take turns fucking him until Jason pumps a white wad all over his tight abs. Alex then takes a ride on Fred’s thick cock, grinding up and down and nice and slow while he pumps out a creamy load, his face contorted in pleasure. Fred lays back and shoots all over his own chest. Alex gets down on all fours and offers Fred his hard, hairy muscled ass, so Fred slips a glove on, greases Alex’s inviting butt, then shoves his fist in and out of Alex’s hole, pushing all the way in and pulling nearly all the way out as Alex grunts loudly with intense pleasure. The sight and feel of Alex’s ass gets Fred so hot and bothered he pumps out another load with one fist planted firmly up Alex’s butt.
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