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Jake Porter is about his notebook putting up comments and causing problem as he usually does. After he could be completed inducing problem online, he starts getting sexy and searches for pics of guys. Turns out, the man he discovers out the most sexy is now himself! Certainly one of the mobiles ring as he could be admiring himself; it is Dalton Riley. His other phone rings, it has Princeton selling price! He invites them over for a sexy three some, clearly stating that the night is really all about him! Love!
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Jake Porter is making the most of the stunning new body that his tricky fairy godmother (Farrah Moan) has given him, seducing the hunky straight pool cleaner Pierce Paris. Farrah isnt going to let Jake get what he wants without a fight though, transforming him from a woman back to a man at the most inconvenient times. When Pierce looks down at what he thinks is a sloppy blowjob from Alexis Fawx and sees Jake looking up at him he panics! Jakes throat game is just too strong for Pierce to stop and soon hes pounding Jakes mouth and ass as hard and deep as the blue-eyed hunk can take!
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Jake Porter is bored to death with fucking people his own age and when he hears about a revolutionary new service called Dial-A-Daddy he wastes no time putting it to use. Jake calls up jacked daddy John Magnum. The pair hit it off, but before the shaved-h
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Fresh-faced, athletic Zander Lane cant seem to keep his plants alive so he calls up a holistic gardening service. When the muscular stud Jake Porter shows up at his door Zander can barely pick his jaw up off the floor. Jake tells Zander that his sexual frustration is killing the plants and theres only one solution. Jake spreads Zanders hole and gives him a hard and satisfying fuck that is guaranteed to bring life back into his home.
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Sneak stud Jake Porter spots his straight buddy JJ Knight in bed and hard as a rock, so he decides to give his buddy a helping hand. Jake slips a blindfold onto JJ and convinces him that hes JJs girlfriend before tugging his big curved cock. When JJ rea
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Jake Porter and Alex Rim cant get enough of each other, they want to explore every part of each others bodies with their hands and their mouths. The two hard-bodied studs passionately adventure together, touching and kissing intimately before Alex slowl
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Beaux Banks and Jake Porter cannot get enough of each other. The sizzling chemistry between these two hunks is palpable as they kiss passionately and intensely, pressing their hard cocks together and working themselves into a frenzy. In the bedroom, Beaux
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Jake Porter is just trying to take a long, steamy bubble bath in peace when hes interrupted by his bossy new step-dad, Jax. Jake goads Jax into giving him a spanking over the side of the tub, daring the chiseled hunk to admit that its turning him on. Ja
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Jake Porter has been brought into the station under suspicion of robbery and hunky police officer Trevor Laster isnt letting him go without a thorough interrogation. Trevor peels off the athletic bad boys clothes, giving his thick cock a long and slow blowjob that makes Jake moan. Trevor bends over the eager offender, shoving his cock into Jakes tight ass. Trevor punishes Jakes hole all over the room until both studs have shot their huge loads all over the hung and hungry hunk.
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Jake Porter is feeling himself, getting loose and limber as he prepares for a hot night out. But, even when youve got moves as smooth as Jake, sometimes things dont work out as planned. Jake trips and ends up stuck through a wall. Hunky Bryan Matthews tries to help Jake out, but when he realizes how thoroughly wedged in the athletic stud is, the two decide that they may as well make the most of it. Jake gives Bryan a deep and sloppy blowjob, spitting and slurping his thick cock. Bryan tears open Jakes pants and plows his ass from the other side of the wall, pounding him so hard that both studs break through, freeing Jake to show Bryan how grateful he is. The two hung hunks flip flop fuck until Jake shoots his creamy load all over Bryans hungry face.
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