To come in
The baits is out here. Every week we do our best to turn “straight” guys. This week we pulled up on constructions worker and convinced him to hop on with the with the lure of fucking a hot chick. However, in there is where we did the good ol’ switch the chick trick. We blinded folded him pretending that our girl, Mia, was going to go down on him but instead, Jacob Peterson started sucking the shit out of his dick. This lasted a couple of minutes. Eventually, he noticed that something was off, and when he pulled off his blind fold he was shook. But eventually, with some money we were able to convince him to get fucked by Jacob. His ass got stretched in several different positions before getting nutted on all over his face.
00:44:41 min
Jacob Peterson’s new apartment comes with a large perk—in the form of Roman Cage’s huge cock. Jacob’s ass stretches wide as he’s pounded from behind. Roman’s girlfriend may be in the other room, but these guys need some orgasmic relief.
00:20:02 min
 After a night of chatting it up with a beautiful girl, John Magnum decides to text the number she gave him for some after-hours action. The text goes to Jacob Peterson and he just can’t help playing along to get John for himself…
00:19:49 min
Chris Blades is used to waking up to a stiff piece of morning wood, but the voices coming from it are... new. The blonde and jacked studs cock wont stop telling him that it needs ass and wont leave Chris alone until it gets it! Ignoring Chris protest that he has a girlfriend, Chris cock insists that Chris should fuck his roommate, the towering Adonis Jacob Peterson. The roommates decide that, given the unusual circumstance, they can make a one time exception to their otherwise platonic friendship. Jacob slurps Chris cock, getting it nice and wet before he bends over and lets him shove it deep into his tight hole. Chris fucks him all over their living room before shooting his load deep in the tall hunks hole.
00:26:47 min
Stocky stud Rick Fantana discovers lean, hairy-chested Jacob Peterson hiding in his closet and proceeds to punish him for trespassing. Jacob sucks his dick dry, and opens his willing, eager bottom for Rick’s big dick to drill deep inside his hole. Rick busts a satisfying nut and sends Jacob on his way.
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