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Hunky Jack Hunter defers to his Sir, Sebastian Keys, when it comes to picking out toys. Sebastian chooses a flog to start and is relentless on Jack's smooth ass until it's a deep shade of red. Just when Jack isn't sure he can take any more, Sebastian grabs Jack's leash and pulls out his riding crop to continue his barrage of belts to Jack's bare skin. All the domination has made Sebastian rock hard and ready to fuck. He spits into Jack's gaping hole to lube it up and then sticks his cock in to fuck Jack just the way they both like it. Jack moans as he continues to get railed and chomps down on the riding crop like a bit. Sebastian keeps pounding in and out as Jack eagerly takes it from behind. Sebastian wants to give Jack a taste of everything he has to offer and takes a break from the ass pounding to throat fuck his slave. Jack gags and chokes as Sebastian's solid cock reams his face. Sebastian gives Jack one final treat of letting him lick his Master's sweaty asshole before Sebastian goes back in to stretch Jack out again. He throws his sub down onto a table and plunges his hole until he's ready to blow. Sebastian gives one final moan as he pulls out of Jack's used up ass and shoots his thick load all over Jack's giant balls.
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Theo Brady is ready to break up with his boyfriend Michael because he's always too busy working to fuck him, but when he gets to his place, Michael's brother Zane Williams says he's at work! Zane offers a sympathetic ear, and when he hears about Theo's sexual frustrations, he offers a sympathetic boner too. Theo sucks that big dick and Zane fucks the bottom's face before pounding his ass piledriver and doggystyle. Theo rides Zane's cock till he shoots a huge load, and Zane jizzes all over Theo's balls. The bottom goes to wait for Michael to get home... but first he gets pulled into the bedroom of another brother!
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If Jack Hunter discovers his out hookup, Zak Bishop, does not fuck on the very first date, he strikes, but Zak does not give up that easily. He places Jack running and follows him back to his place, glancing at the window just as Jack strips off his sweaty outfits and settles in for a stroke sesh using his pocket ass. In which the caked Zak starts sucking the cock of on the top jack catches Zak viewing him pulls him inside. Jack sucks on Zak and takes it nice and deep within pile driver. Zak begs for longer as Jack makes him cum hard in mish and then fucks him, but once Jack pulls out and cums, he is amazed to find that he's the only!
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When sweet Eric walks on his older stepbrother jerking to pornography onto his mobile, the little one s curiosity is piqued. His friend that is huge reveals that he receives he feels like he wants some thing in his butt. The small man is really happy to simply help, sticking his hands inside his stepbros aching hole. Afterward, the huge guy puts up his legs and asks that the boy to slide his cock inside for some uncooked adoring. The boy strokes as hard as they makes his friend shrouded in heat that is orgasmic. Subsequently, he shoots out a lot all within the significant guys pulsing border!
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Handsome newlyweds Vander Pulaski and Jack Hunter are finally on their honeymoon and enjoying each others slim muscular body. The two men are breaking in that hotel bed like they should. While Vander takes a break and heads to the hotel bar, Jack is disturbed by a knock on the door. Vanders Step-Brother! This muscular third wheel decided to crash the honeymoon and take revenge. Pierce and Vander go way back. These step-brothers have been together for a long time and Pierce is feeling extremely jealous that his brother is getting married. Vander is his and its time to punish Jack. Pierce overcomes his brother-in-law and ties him up in fully restrictive rope bondage to the hotel pillar. Pierce starts with corporal punishment and slaps Jacks tight ass red. Jack screams while getting beat. Vander comes in the room and sees his step-brother and tries to take him down, but Pierce is too powerful. Pierces muscles easily overcome Vander and he throws him down on the couch and ties him up. Its time for Vander Pulaski to scream. Bringing out the flogger, Pierce starts on Vanders rock hard cock. Vander is gagged with a ball gag and tied up in rope bondage and is helpless to his Brothers torment. Jack gagged with a bit writhes in pain as he watches his husband get punished. Vander is flipped over and his brother brings out his huge muscle cock for a bareback fucking. Pierce brutally fucks Vanders tight ass as Jack watches the skin on skin. Jack screams for the cuckolding to stop. Jack gets what he asks for. All three men move to the bed. Jack is fucked raw and deep by Pierce as Vander rims Pierces ass. Both men are helplessly tied in rope bondage. Finally Pierce double shoots his huge loads all over Vander and Jack as the two are made to cum. Pierce cleans them both up while getting his way.
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Sexy Eric definitely wants to get involved with mischief, however his elderly step brother consistently takes it to the second level. To day, the huge guy would like his little friend to fuck him just like their own dad fucks their mom, so that they creep into their parents room to get some pleasure and toss caution to the end. The little man gasps because his friend wraps his lips around his shaft, enabling the tip of his dick poke the back of his throat.
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Dante Colle and Jack Hunter are two hunks who started in the biz around precisely the same period and have known each other for years, but they've never filmed together... till today. Dante asks what Jack enjoys, and he's thrilled to hear that it is bottoming and getting fucked difficult and rough. The horny top checks to make sure Jack into rimming before starting to undress Jack, as he is into getting rimmed, suck his tongue and cock his tight hole. Because his penis eases in doggystyle, that ass is actually tight, and Jack enjoys it so much because he rides him that he wants to grind on Dante. Jack is flipped by dante onto his spine until he climaxes pulls out to cum all over him, to fuck him.
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Lanky and handsome Michael DelRay sheds the facts concerning his unusual reason behind transitioning from conventional modeling to the sphere of homosexual porn, as well as what he turns in a guy. He is excited mainly since he squeezes all Michael's bins: tall, gloomy eyes, and also enormous dick to shoot Jack Hunter. Michael is ready to get started, also Jack is jumped by him as so on as the top takes place. Jack sucks Michael's dick and then Michael drools before shooting it. Jack lbs Michael's ass in doggystyle and then fucks that gap at missionary just before Michael cums, also Jack shoots his load onto the stomach of the hot bottom.
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Airport security agent Michael DelRay is reaching the end a very long and uneventful day. Right before closi9ng off his shift, his security scan picks up on something extraordinarily large and concealed on none other than Jack Hunter. Michael takes it upon himself to conduct a very thorough 2nd screening in a private examination room.
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