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Have you ever done the sissy walk of shame? Let me tell you what the sissy walk of shame is. First, you get all dressed up like the fucking sissy whore that you are, with full make up of course. At this point you're feeling really horny and stupid. So then you go on Grindr and find some hot stud with a big cock because you need to get fucked. You need to suck on his big cock and be treated like the whore that you are. You just can't help yourself. And then you have to walk home in public, fully dressed, makeup smeared all over your face, a run in your pantyhose and you feel such shame for doing all the degrading things you just did to an alpha man. But you loved every minute of getting yourself ready and being a total slut. But then when it's over, you feel so dirty, and he kicks you out. So you have to walk home, all alone, like the used up sissy bitch that you are. That must be so humiliating, walking home at 3am like a stupid whore knowing that alpha male is laughing, knowing everyone who you pass laughs at you.You'll be walking home thinking of all the degrading things you just did. You'll walk home with his cum on your face. Everyone will see, everyone will know what just happened to you. This is all you're good for, being a stupid sissy whore.  Have you ever done this? Do you want to do it? Has hearing me talk about it made your little clitty hard? I'll bet it has. You probably want to do the sissy walk of shame. Well this is your assignment. I want you to get all dressed up, find some random guy on grindr, go to his place and act like the cock sucking faggot sissy whore that you are, and then walk home LOL! And I want to hear all about it. I want you to post about your experience in the forum of HumiliationPOV. I want you to post pictures too! I know it will encourage others to want to do the same. As embarrassed as you'll feel, you will love every second of it. Even the sissy walk of shame.KeywordsPUBLIC HUMILIATION, SISSY TRAINING, MAKE ME BI, BISEXUAL ENCOURAGEMENT, FORCED FEMMP4 * 688 MB * 00:09:15 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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