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Brandon Evans gets paired with the experienced Gage Owens, who doesnt hesitate as he moves in for a kiss, making out with Brandon as he runs his hand across Brandons chest and cock., Gage gets Brandon undressed and stuffs Brandons big dick in his mouth, deepthroating that cock as he works it with his hand and lips until Brandons prick is hard. Brandon gives Gage head next, getting a little messy as he drools all over that thick meat until hes had enough with the oral and is ready to bury his cock in some ass!, Gage holds his legs up, spreading them apart to let Brandon get deep inside of him, and Brandon fucks him good, letting Gage ride his hard bareback cock next, bouncing up and down on that fat dick as he moans with each thrust. Gage takes it from behind, stroking his own cock while Brandon penetrates that tight ass with his throbbing dick, making Gages ass bounce as he slams into him, pumping him full of cock until Brandons big dick makes Gage bust a nut!, Brandon pulls out and drains his cock across Gages back, covering him in
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Danny Cannon seems pretty submissive to Gage Owenss desires in this scene, giving him permission to do whatever he wants…and that idea gets Gage excited to get started and he moves in for some kisses! As they make out, their clothes come off and their hands wander across each other until they reach those bulging cocks and Danny gets Gages dick in his mouth first. He sucks that delicious meat, deepthroating Gages long shaft and sucking on his balls as Gage moans and thrusts his cock deeper down Dannys throat., When the oral has gotten these boys hard and horny, Danny flips over on the bed and bares his tight ass to Gage, who stretches Dannys hole with his fat cock as he slides it deep inside of Danny., Gage fucks him harder and faster, slapping Dannys ass as he pounds him with his throbbing bareback prick, then getting into a different position to give Gage a better angle on that ass. Gage makes Danny ride his cock next, and Danny bounces on that dick, his sweet ass shaking with each move as he shoves Gage deeper up his ass while he plays with himself until he busts a nut., He climbs off of Gage and lets him finish and Gage shoots a huge load, giving Danny a taste of his
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Some heavy kissing and intense making out opens up this sexy scene between Gage Owens and Chandler Scott as they get each other going with a little tongue-on-tongue action., They undress slowly with Gage making the move toward Chandlers cock first, unzipping his pants and kissing his way down to Chandlers already erect dick! Gage pulls back Chandlers boxers to reveal that fat meat and gets to work sucking Chandlers cock and balls, then undoing his own pants he offers his package to Chandlers as they 69. When the oral has gotten them hard as fuck, Chandlers ready for some ass and Gage gets them lubed up, straddling Chandler and lowering his tight hole onto Chandlers throbbing cock, riding reverse cowboy as Chandler enjoys the view! Chandler moves them to a different position, holding Gages legs wide open as he fucks him deep and raw, taking it slow so that Gage can feel every inch of Chandlers long cock inside of him. Chandlers balls slap against Gages nice ass as Gage strokes his own dick and moans with Chandlers deep thrusts until he cant hold back anymore and lets that
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Gage Owens is back and hes about to get dominated by the handsome Drake Tyler., When they drop their shirts, take a minute to drink in their sexy sun-kissed bodies before they start to make out, pressing their lips and their bodies together as they climb onto the bed and reach for each others cock., Gage teases Drakes dick a little before freeing it from his boxers and taking it in his mouth, sucking that sweet cock and making Drake moan. Its not only Drakes prick that gets a good licking…Gage goes for Drakes ass and rims his tight hole until Drake cant stand it and needs to get Gages cock in his mouth., He gets kinky, spitting all over Gages dick then pulling him up and burying his face between Gages ass cheeks, eating and fingering his hole while Gage gives him oral. They jump right into the ass-pounding as Drake holds Gage up and shoves his bareback dick inside him, filling him up with that juicy prick as Gage bounces up and down on it., They bring it back to the bed and Drake claims Gages ass doggy-style, giving that naughty boy some spankings as he fucks him raw until they both
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Gage Owens is in for a surprise today, and hell figure out what that surprise is soon enough!, To get him in the mood, Vadim Black and David Hardy kiss his chest and torso, undressing him and using his shirt as a blindfold as Gage has no choice but to let these guys do what they want to him., David and Vadim take turns rimming Gages ass, sucking his sweet cock and take a break to make out with each other while Gage touches himself. Gage gets some balls in his face as David kneels above him, putting his cock in Gages mouth and making him give some oral as Vadim does work on Gages prick., When Vadim wants his dick sucked they have to take turns with Gages mouth, each getting their meat sucked by him before the real fun starts!, When Gage gets on all fours, David enters him from behind and Vadim takes his mouth, each fucking him from one side as Gage takes those dicks! But if Gage thought this raw action was a lot, wait until he sees what Vadim and David have in store for him next!, Gage straddles David and sits on his cock, and Vadim comes from behind and gets his cock in that ass too as Gage gets his first DP action!, Gage gets his ass stretched by David and Vadim and soon theyre all shooting their load, covering Gage in hot
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