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After years of an online friendship and a little flirting, Austin Wolf, Franois Sagat finally get together in this condom-free scene filmed in Paris! The guys launch our new series "A Is For Alpha" in which we explore what it means to be an alpha. You're in for some big surprises as Austin, Franois first open up about themselves and about each other, and it all leads to an unforgettable pairing of pent-up attraction.
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Thickly muscled, black-clad TitanMen stud François Sagat arrives at Tober’s dungeon to deliver a stolen prize. Tober’s pleased, and decides to reward his successful agent by offering the greatest prize of all – his giant cock; François drops to his knees and uses his teeth to undo Tober’s leather pants, licking and drooling over the boss’s leather codpiece. François sucks and slobbers on Tober’s pierced dick, getting it slick with plenty of spit as Tober facefucks him, moaning and growling like a mad dog. Tober makes a meal out of François’ thick, hairy pecs, furry pits and amazingly perfect six pack abs, ultimately peeling open François’ trousers and swallowing the thick upturned cock. As François pumps away, Tober gags and lubes the thrusting fuck pole with his spit, swallowing François to the hilt while his own bone stands at attention. François jerks Tober’s cockpole until Tober busts his nut all over François’ chiseled, beefy pecs. François then kneels ass-out in a chair while Tober dives his face into his rockhard ass before mounting it, driving his condom-covered dick deep between the muscled globes. The two rock the chair back and forth as François rides Tober’s stiff pole while his own hard dick bangs against Tober’s ripped abs. Sweat pouring off his tanned torso, François turns around and sits backward on Tober’s dickshaft and sends thick ropes of jizz flying everywhere. As François kneels and strokes his thick veiny pole, Tober hoses him down with an interminable cannon spray of piss that bathes François’s golden, ripped, muscular body.
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The Lair, continued. François fucks RJ in a sling, and RJ, Darius and Damien gangbang François’ muscular ass. RJ’s been flung facedown in a sling. Damien reams out his ass with his talented tongue as François approvingly observes. Darius licks and worships the mighty François, chewing and pulling on his meaty tits and dick. Francois lubes up and plows RJ’s hole. He plunges in as Damien and Darius turn their attentions to each other, stroking their towering tools. Francois bucks wildly, pulling and pushing in and out of RJ’s tight and tender asshole. Francois flips RJ onto his back in the sling and they swap spit-fueled kisses before François plunges back in for another round of rump reaming. As François fiendishly fucks RJ, RJ strokes out a load that splatters on his tight abs. Roles are reversed as François lands in the sling, with RJ driving his cock and hole wild with the flicking of his bifurcated tongue. Darius and Damien finally break away from each other to lavish attention on their master, and Damien dives in, hammering away like a jackrabbit in and out of François’s muscular mounds. Darius gets a turn, as RJ swallows Damien’s huge bone to the hilt. Darius and Damien soon drop their steaming loads of semen onto François’s washboard abs.
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What’s your point of view on sex? Do you like to watch or do you like to be watched? In P.O.V., the latest 4 hour outdoor sexfest from director Brian Mills, you may just find out! New-to-California Braxton Bond is looking for some fun in the great outdoors; he picks up a video camera at a garage sale and it changes his entire weekend. Themes of voyeurism and sex on camera tie together the smoking-hot 3+ hour all-outdoors sex epic TitanMen exclusives François Sagat, Dillon Buck, and Darius Falke. After buying the video camera, Braxton notices that there’s a tape inside. On it is an intense three-way fuck session between Frank Philipp, Vin Costes and Geoffrey Paine that entails bondage, watersports, sling-fucking, and an intense bout of sounding. Stirred by the kinky footage, Braxton sets up the camera and films himself jerking off and on himself in an outdoor shower. Dillon spies him and joins in, first on and then fucking Braxton with his massive cock. Braxton is playing with his new video camera when he stumbles across François, who’s more than willing to put on a little show for Braxton. The two studs quickly rip off each other’s clothes, diving into a passionate fuck session with François on top. François knows all he has to do is show Darius the footage of his romp with Braxton to get things heated up. The two blow, rim and fuck each other, only this time François gives AND receives. Finally, turned on by the idea of making his own movie with Ludovic Canot, Darius sets up the video camera on a tripod and startles the sleeping stud. After they’ve sucked each other and shot their loads on each other’s chests, Darius throws Ludovic over a pile of wood and fucks him senseless.
Later that night, Braxton is playing with his new video camera when he stumbles across TitanMen exclusive François Sagat. François is reluctant to oblige at first, but at Braxton’s coy urgings, François seduces Braxton from the lens, playing with his nipples as he strips off his clothes to reveal his perfect body and thick, uncut cock, which by now is rock hard and ready for the tongue-bath it’s about to get from Braxton. After worshipping François’ cock with his mouth, Braxton stands up and finds himself on the receiving end of a long, passionate blowjob from François. The whole time, Braxton doesn’t miss a beat with his video camera, filming every second of the action as they continue to swap blowjobs until they both erupt in torrents of cum all over each other. After drenching each other with jizz, they hose one another down with piss. They retire to bed, but as soon as the sun rises, they’re back at it; this time François is focused on Braxton’s ass. With the same languid, passionate pace as before, François first dives into Braxton’s backside with his mouth, warming it up for the pounding he’s going to deliver with his cock. He starts by fucking him against the door jamb and finishes him off on his back on the deck with two more huge loads from both of them.
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Folsom Filth doesnt push the envelope. It shreds it. The movie, chosen as The Official Leather/Fetish Film of the Folsom Street Fair, is not only the first to earn that title in the legendary fetish fairs 23 year history, but one of the most hard-edged films TitanMen has ever produced. The next evolution in the groundbreaking and award-winning Fallen Angel series, Folsom Filth takes leather/fetish play quite literally kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Deep within the bowels of the Folsom Street underworld, abductees earning their place in the Masters Lair are whipped, pissed on, toyed with and tortured in ways youve never seen nor imagined. In 3½ hours of mind-altering, hardcore sensation, TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke, Damien Crosse, François Sagat, towering stud Diesel Washington, power bottom (and incomparable beauty) Alex Baresi, plus a never wilder Tober Brandt savage bound, ball-tortured, fisted submissives, including the human urinal and the bloodied whipping boy. Folsom Filth, directed by Brian Mills, stars the biggest collection of TitanMen exclusives ever put on film. Hard and hairy Alex Baresi makes his sensational debut, as does massively muscled hunk François Sagat. Brawny Tober Brandt, handsome Damien Crosse, strapping stud Diesel Washington and devilish Darius Falke round out the cast of talented TitanMen exclusives. Innocent-looking but so-very-bad Patrick O’Connor stars as a young man who winds up getting kidnapped and brutally plundered by nasty Vin Nolan, master stud Steve Trevor and Derek da Silva, who’s making his TitanMen debut as the obedient dogboy in Folsom Filth’s underworld lair. Sizzling super-bottom Lee Heyford, dominant daddy Brendan Davies, renowned leatherman Joe G, and raunchy RJ round out the cast of masculine TitanMen.
Still horned up from his tryst with Braxton, François knows all he has to do is show fellow TitanMen exclusive Darius Falke the footage to get things heated up. Sitting at a picnic table, the two start with a deep soul kiss before Darius reaches into François’s jeans to pull out his rock-hard cock. After working it over with his mouth, François bends over and slurps on Darius’s cock, the camera perched on the table recording all the action. Throwing him on the table, Darius can’t crack open François’s ass soon enough, warming it up with his tongue before he throws on a condom and lubes his cock up so he can fuck him. Pinning François’s legs up in the air, Darius plunges deeper and deeper with each commanding thrust of his dick. After a good, long time, François turns the table on Darius, flipping him over onto his back and fucking him as intensely as he got fucked; they both cum and collapse into each other’s arms.
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