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Elijah Scott and JJ Smitts are still pretty new around here, but theyre fitting in well as they learn the ropes…and today will be another learning opportunity for these horny boys., Turning toward one another, they make out before JJ is on his knees between Elijahs legs, sucking and deepthroating Elijahs cock as Elijah reaches around to play with JJs ass., Elijahs freshly sucked prick is aching for a hole to fill and he bends JJ over and stuffs him full of his hard dick. JJ moans as Elijahs length and girth stretch him open, that raw member reaching deep inside of him as Elijah starts to pound him harder and faster., Picking JJ up, Elijah deposits him on his lap as he settles into the chair, letting JJ ride his bareback cock, bouncing up and down on his dick as he fucks himself with that long shaft., They get closer to cumming and Elijah moves them over the couch, JJ on his back with his legs spread, giving Elijah full access to that sore hole., Pounding him hard, Elijah takes that ass until he has both of them shooting their load, covered in
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