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Boy toy Dominic Pacifico lies in bed enjoying a martini while waiting for the vulnerable DeAngelo Jackson to stumble upon his Lair. The seduction of the cool Vegas night air and his up turned bubble ass, make it very hard for Deangelo to resist. After giving in to the sexual Temptations of Dominic these two men engage in some intense cock sucking, dripping wet fucking until they both explode in sheer ecstasy.
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Big beefy boy Mac Savage breaks into Dominic Pacificos apartment to sniff his underwear and jerk off. But when Mac gets caught up in the moment, he risks being found out as Dominic arrives home. Quickly Mac hides under the bed. Dominic enters, happy to be home. He plops down on the bed and pulls off his big boots and sweaty socks. He flexes his perfect feet as Mac hides inches away from the man hes been secretly jerking off to for months. Dominic pulls off his jumpsuit and stretches out on the bed. He drifts off to sleep giving Mac the opportunity to sneak out. Mac crawls out from beneath the bed. He lingers, taking in the magnificent site of chiseled hung man meat in front of him. He cant resist sniffing Dominics pits. Hes got to have his way with this stud. Mac suddenly jumps Dominic. They struggle and Mac ties Dominic to the bed. He licks Dominics asshole and tastes his salty cock. Hes so caught up he fails to notice Dominic freeing himself and he gets over powered. Dominic strings Mac up by his wrists, puts on his leather gloves, and gives this naughty boy a hard flogging. Mac cries out as the leather hits his body and he struggles to stay balanced on his toes. Dominic decides if Mac is going to break in his house, smell his clothes and act like some kind of animal, he should get treated like one. He collars Mac, vet wraps his hands, and puts a puppy hood on Mac. As soon as the hood goes on, Mac suddenly feels himself transforming into a puppy. He barks and whines beneath his mask as Dominic pushes his cock into Macs wet mouth. Then he ties Mac down to the bed and fucks his sweet ass as Mac squirms in rope. Finally he cums all over this puppys face and locks him away in a cage, just as dogs should be.
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Max Konnor's looking to get an unconventional mode of treatment for his medical clinic. His new device is offered by dominic Pacifico . However, before Max signals, Dominic insists he test it out. Max agrees. Immediately, Max is stripped nude, and his huge body is tied into his office chair with his wrists. Dominic jerks his big dick, playing with it and sucking it, until he's huge and tough. He slides the Super Milker over that dick and turns it out. The machine starts working Max's cock, stroking it and sucking on it simultaneously, almost making him cum straight away. As his lubed up cock sticks up into the air However, Dominic yanks it off, denying him and teasing Max. Then Dominic binds his hands behind his back stands Max upward and also matches him with a little gag. While Max flexes and sweats, Dominic slides a stroker on it sucks and jerks fat hard cock and edges him again and again. Max trembles and convulses each moment, as drool runs out his mouth within the gag. Dominic proceeds sucking his dick into his mouth, desperate to shoot. But he does not get to cum just yet. The Super Milker is slid by dominic back on that cock, and it is now so tough it fits in the system. Dominic jerks Max off, as Max shakes and yells, not able to contain his load. While every muscle in his giant body circulates he pushes it all around the ground of his office.
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Diego Moreno is constructed, masculine and brown as his name suggests, blessed with a big black uncut penis. As I'm pulling down my black laceup jock he stands naked at the urinal in a glistening black men's room, and I can't help sneaking a fantastic look. While I notice he is jacking his meat I join in and step over to get a handful. We kiss as the muscle stud that is haltered grinds against my cock and then tweaks my nipples. Time to get a sexy raw fuck right there by the pisser. As he slaps on that enormous piece across my 18, I put on my knees and worship his dick. It is thick, so long I have to start WIDE to get it in my mouth and down my cockhungry throat. I groan and do my best not to gag. "Wanna fuck me?" I ask between gulps.
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Gustavo Mueller is the perfect example of a hot, passionate Brazilian Latin stud. Tan, defined muscular build, a big uncut cock made for bareback fucking, thick black hair and mustache, and an intense focus on man-to-man sex. He's super masculine and just as talented with his sweet ass as he is with that big hard meat. When we kissed I couldn't help pushing him against the shower wall to get a whiff of his manly pits. His tight little nips perked up and I gave a lick, and we started to stroke each others' cocks. With a hot juicy tongue Gustavo explored my hairy abs and worked his way down to my stiff brown dick. I held him by the back of his skull and fucked on into his hungry mouth. By then his prick was standing out straight and thick and I had to get a taste for myself. Gustavo had ideas of his own, turned his butt towards me to probe my tongue into his hole.
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Phallos slave and minion (Shen Powers) has come to earth to scout the resistance and power of the Gayvengers. The American Hero (Dominic Pacifico) drags him into a shabby back alley and goes down on his thick alien cock. Dominic pins the alien slave against a post and opens his smooth tan ass with a nimble tongue. Just when hes got him groaning for more, Dominic presses his massive cock into the throbbing wet hole. The superhero takes the alien invader with sheer American brute power, and Shen begs for more. He rides the patriotic cock for all its worth, beating his dick mightily and grinding into the star-spangled stud. Venturing through the far reaches of space must get pretty boring because Shen is positively starved for cock. Ass full of American Hero, Shen sprays a thick sheen of sperm across his chest, takes to his knees while Dominic milks one out. A juicy dribble splatters Shens face, but is he loosened up enough to provide the answers Dominic is seeking? Shen dashes away before any of the top secret plans for domination are revealed.
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After Phallos minion escaped, the American Captain (Dominic Pacifico) drags stunned Panther, TBalla (Max Konnor) into the house and explains the scene to his boyfriend Bucky Soldier (Axel Kane). Bucky comforts Cap and they begin making out. The hard dicks beneath their superhero jocks grind against each other, and Cap sucks Buckys nipple before dropping to his knees to suck the gorgeous muscular hero. Caps cock immediately rises to a stiff woody as he sucks cock and beats off. When he begs his buddy to fuck his ass, Bucky also rises to the occasion. Bucky plows in hard, grabbing Cap by the hips and driving in. Both superstuds smack together in a mighty clash of perfect muscle. TBalla wakes from his stupor, starts to deliver his message but thinks better and pumps his dick into Caps hungry mouth, as they all form a perfect spitroast. Tballas huge ebony pole comes to perfect use as he takes his place to slam into Caps hole and Bucky feeds his boyfriend a dick diet. Caps body rocks back and forth between Buckys long rod in his throat and TBallas big chocolate stick in his wide-open ass. Things hurtle toward a super climax as The Panthers cock reams Capt before Bucky takes over once more, then tags his top buddy again to fuck on in. When Cap kneels down, he gets showered with a thick simultaneous spray of cum from both studs, the leather-clad Soldier and the ebony-muscled Panther.
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Bucky and Tony, the Man of Iron, burst in to Phallos spaceship lair and confront the evil mastermind. But Phallos mental power over the remaining Gayvengers has even these last holdouts captive of his control. Phallos commands the gayvengers to fuck for his entertainment and power, with Bucky and Tony the newest jewels on his gauntlet of mindfuck. Phallos and his minion watch and jerk off while the five Gayvengers grind their bodies and gonads together in a tight clusterfuck. Tony perches on his knees as the American Hero and TBalla pound their cocks down his ample throat, then Bucky gets involved and enjoys a slurpy blowjob. Phallos strides to the edge of his throne platform and directs the revels, as Thor swallows down his alien cock. "Now lets fuck," Phallos commands, and the horny Gayvengers provide not a whimper of resistance. TBalla plows his massive ebony rod into Thors pale pink ass. Phallos fucks and fingers his minion and sex-crazed Tony, who winds up as the middle of a scorching hot spitroast between Phallos and TBalla. American Hero and Bucky push their prey, Minion and Thors down to the platform and ream their asses with superhuman fury. Bodies tangle and writhe in hot sexual abandon, and the temperature heats up to the ball-boiling point. With a flash of his gauntlet, Phallos arranges his super-powered puppets in a circle around Tony, and each hero takes turns splattering his hungry face with manly seed, Thor, TBalla, Bucky, the Minion, American Hero and Phallos each glaze his face mouth and chest with a gleaming layer of hot cream. Tony lies back on the edge of the platform and lets his cum fly free. "Whos your captain now?" taunts Phallos. Just as the domination of the Gayvengers seems complete, a glimmer of independence lights up The American Heros dark eyes. Is there still hope for the Universe?
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Dominic Pacifico and Hotaru Merced team up for the first episode of PeterFevers all bareback extravaganza, "The Jockstrap." In the first episode, Hotaru starts by sniffing Dominics sweaty jock and feeling his big bulge. Pulling the jock down, out comes a hard dick ready to be sucked. On his knees, he worships the cock and balls before Dominic bends him over to eat out his eager ass. Rimming his hot hole Dominic prepares his lubed up dick as Hotaru rides it. Hotaru cums all over his body as hes getting fucked. Dominic grabs Hotarus stinky jock and shoots his own load all over Hotarus face.
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Travis Yukarin is back this week, this time filming with gay porn legend Dominic Pacifico. The two musclebound studs are laying in opposite beds, when Travis wakes up to Dominic playing himself in his jockstrap. Soon Travis comes over to his bed for some hot kissing, his sexy bubble butt bursting out of his jock. After trading blowjobs, Dominic bends that beautiful smooth ass over and tastes and fingers his hole. Soon we get to see what everyone has been waiting for, watching this hot butt pounded raw. Riding it and then sitting on it, and finally in missionary Dominic pounds him in all positions before shooting his messy load all over him. What a perfect wake up call!
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Damon Heart is shackled in chains, trapped in Dominic Pacificos dungeon, and hes been locked down for quite a while. The problem is, he cant keep his filthy, backtalkin mouth shut. Until he does, Dominic has decided that the little prick is going to get regular floggings, throat fuckings, and ass poundings. Hell be humiliated and tormented until he shuts the fuck up and takes his punishment. The scene opens with Damon in chains, blindfolded. Dominic arrives, and immediately the backtalk from Damon begins. Again. Dominic has had enough. He rips off Damons underwear and gags him with it, slapping him. He then gives Damon an intense flogging, winding up for an ultimately powerful two-handed strike. But Damon keeps talkin back, so Dominic keeps dishing out the brutality. He repeatedly uses the zapper on him, shocking him repeatedly, all while Damon is still blindfolded. But Dominics not done with this smart-ass fucker yet. He ties him up and subjects his cock to a good hard cropping. He then attaches brutal little claw clamps to his nipples while he toys with his cock. He lets Damon down and makes him suck his thick dick, throat fucking the mouthy slave. Finally he puts Damon in a partial suspension, with his left leg up, perfect for fucking that tight ass. He slams Damons hungry hole, then fucks his mouth through a spider gag. Dominic blows his hot load all over his slaves face, then chains him up and leaves him there to think about what his backtalk has given him. In Dominics absence, her jerks his cock and shoots a fat wad of cum on the concrete floor. But Dominic returns, angry that his little fuck toy just came without permission. He uses the zapper again, tormenting a spent, beaten and fully-fucked Damon.
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