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Superstar Noir Male exclusive, Deangelo Jackson, takes his boyfriend Derrek Cline for a sexy boyfriend getaway to Las Vegas. Exploring this amazing sexy vacation rental, the two men christen the house with some hot fucking, sucking and ass eating. Big Deangelo shoots his massive load then fucks the cum right out of Derek’s cock.
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After he receives a mysterious package, Jarret thought it would be fun to play with his new toy. Creeping DeAngelo thinks it would be even more fun to play a trick on him and swap out the toy dick for his dick. As DeAngelo cleverly disguises himself and Jarrett sits on DeAngelo’s dick, second roommate Elijah hears the prank in full effect and wants to surprise Jarret with a third cock. Watch this hilarious yet sexy threeway where Jarret’s sexual frustration and limits are truly stretched and put to the test!
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Dillon Diaz is the new intern and he’s learning the ropes from Dr. DeAngelo. The two men are quite alpha but DeAngelo soon shows who’s boss. These two hot men mix it up and take care of each other‘s bodies, dicks and asses like only a good doctor could.
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Dillon Diaz is the new intern and hes learning the ropes from Dr. DeAngelo. The two guys are alpha but DeAngelo reveals whos boss. These two sexy guys mix this up and take care of one another s bodies, dicks and asses just like just a fantastic doctor could.
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Ever wonder what happened to the lovers that met at Bliss resort, in the number one Noir Male download, The Resort? We catch up with the studs DeAngelo Jackson and poppy suave and find out theyre still as hot for each other as they ever were. Still taking care of each others juicy asses, huge dripping cocks and willing holes!
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