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Rookie golfer David Anthony sends his ball into the sunbather Leo Forte: “You gonna show me how sorry you really are?” asks the muscular vacationer. David deep throats the shaved-headed stud, gagging as he slurps. Leo returns the favor, worshipping David’s huge meat. The sucker opens wide, his nose and lips buried at the base of the thick beast. The spit strands come fast and furious, clinging to David’s cock and falling to the ground as the breathless sucker shows off his skill. The two squirt before Leo gets his hole munched, David warming it up as Leo strokes him. The chiseled top slides his dick in, the two staying stiff as low shots capture their banging balls. On his back, Leo gets pounded as his own boner gets stroked, the bottom beating it on David’s abs. Leo grabs the top’s pec as he gets fucked, two loads soon coating him.
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His tan muscle bod trapped in a cage, Aymeric DeVille is at the mercy of his captors. From above, three alpha males are already exerting their authority on him. Draped in latex and leather that accentuates their tight frames, David Anthony, Tibor Wolfe and Gio Forte piss onto Aymeric’s shaved head. The urine slides down his smooth, tattooed skin as he rubs it all over his body, savoring every drop. The trio makes its way down, sliding their strong hands inside to rub Aymeric’s stunning build. David slips his monster boner through the bars as Aymeric opens wide, tugging on David’s sac as he slurps. Gio turns his attention to tall, hairy and tattooed Tibor, who slams his big slab on his bud’s face before feeding him. David teases Aymeric, making the prisoner reach his muscular arm out to slap the steel cock. Released from his cage, Aymeric continues to devour dick. David spits down into his mouth, the eager tongue lapping up every drop. Tibor and David kiss as they get sucked side by side, then step back to piss on their pleasers. After soaking them, they drop down to suck the studs. As Tibor feasts on Gio’s stiff shaft, David spits on Aymeric’s uncut meat and balls, the saliva soon dripping down his massive quads in a hot wet mess of a sequence. The action ends as Aymeric kneels down, his incredible chest soon soaked with cum that he rubs all over his pecs before dumping his own load.
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Fresh from their intense oral orgy, David and Tibor retreat deeper into the dark building. Now in headgear, Tibor bends over and offers his ass. David fingers the submissive stud, spreading Tibor’s cheeks and burying his tongue inside as his goatee bristles against the bottom’s hairy hole. Tibor begs to get fucked and David quickly complies, sliding his super-hung cock inside. What follows is a fast and furious fuck that has Tibor grunting, his balls frantically bouncing from below. With his defined muscles bursting out his shiny black latex, David grabs hold of Tibor’s shoulders and pounds him doggie style, slapping the bottom’s ass as he rams him deep. With his handsome face working up a sweat, David holds on to Tibor’s biceps as he continues to plow. Soon on his back, Tibor gets a deep dildo fuck that has his big dick hard as a rock. With his ass plugged, Tibor pisses into David’s mouth before getting dildo-fucked again. David then gloves up his hands and slides one inside, fisting the insatiable bottom. Tibor strokes his impressively stiff cock as David grinds away, soon sucking on Tibor’s shaft as spit strands dangle from his mouth. David then pisses all over the bottom’s hairy chest before squirting, Tibor rubbing the top’s muscular arm as David unleashes his load.
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Security guard Will Parker catches hairy muscle stud Alessio Romero trying to break into a locked shed. But he doesnt see tall David Anthony approaching from behind, covering Wills head as the uniformed cutie is soon at the mercy of his captors. He tries to resist, but its futile -- David and Alessio unleash a torrent of verbal and physical abuse. David beats his steel shaft on Wills wet chest as they continue to rough him up, a stream of saliva dangling from Davids mouth. Alessio pisses on Will again, then drops down to suck his buds before licking Wills pit. David eats and fingers Wills ass, soon leaning over for a kiss as Alessio sucks on Davids tongue. After teasing Wills mouth with their cocks, the two cum on his chest. Will squirts and then gets a piss bath, his ass soon filled with Alessios cock as the animalistic threesome continues. As David stuffs the bottoms mouth, Will has all four of their strong hands controlling his body as hes fucked from both ends. The tan alpha studs switch positions, with David letting out a wicked smile as he plows away. Muscles bulge and veins burst as the two tactile tops continue to abuse the insatiable Will in a frenzied fuck, leading to three more loads that end the aggressive outing.
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Cold weather got you down? Let our hottest men get you back up, with Sunstroke- Fun in the Sun Outdoor Fuckfest! Follow TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, Damien Crosse and Jesse Ares as they break a sweat fucking, sucking, rimming and shootin’ their loads in this best of film. Damien Crosse fucks twunk Jackson Wild beachside. If you like your TitanMen rugged, sweaty and fucking in the sun, then this is a can’t miss film for you! Directed by the legendary Bruce Cam and Brian Mills, this twelve man, six scene fuckfest will give you Sunstroke its so damn hot!
Shirtless runner Dean Flynn spots stranger David Anthony on the beach -- and stops to meet the ripped stud, who flashes his cock. The two head to a semi-secluded outdoor shower where they strip down. As the water cascades down their ripped bodies, they stare at each other and stroke before grinding their cocks and kissing. David devours Deans meat, which gets whipped on his face between deep sucks. Dean returns the favor, gagging as he impressively chugs Davids massive cock. David spits down, a wad dripping from Deans chin as he gasps for air. After sucking on Davids low hangers, the two squirt.
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