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Yen Maple wants to find a lot more of this brand new gate shield in his complex, so he"accidentally" drops his ID at which he understands sexy Dato Foland will find that, then rushes home, takes off all of his clothing, also waits. When useful Dato knocks on the door he is greeted by the sight of every inch of lanky, tattooed butt Yen. Dato eats Yen's hole and yen sucks Dato's dick fucks him doggystyle before scrutinizing his gape! Yen rides the guard's cock on the stairs, then lies back to get mish until Dato shoots his load on the abs of Yen till he cums.
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Lukas Daken is on a secret mission. Get in to to the apartment, find the hidden pen drive and get out unnoticed. Sounds easy enough, but as Murphy's Law has proven time and time again anything that can go wrong usually will. Especially when you're breaking into Dato Foland's apartment and he also happens to be your former Mentor. Embarrassed by Lukas' amateur mistakes, Dato turns this encounter into a corporate espionage re-education moment. Lesson #1 never get caught! If you do get caught, Lesson #2 never reveal your source. Thankfully for Lukas, Dato doesn't give him the chance to reveal much of anything as he shoves his gorgeous Russian cock down the back of his throat. When Lukas bends over the dining-room table and exposes his smooth hole, Dato can't help but get lost in that inviting ass. It quickly becomes apparent that the mentee has, in fact, played the mentor.
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