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When an outdoor match of ping pong loses its ball, toned Dario Beck and tan stallion Marco Wilson immediately find another way to perform . Marco moves in for a kiss until licking at Darios torso slides down to the thick and succulent dick bursting out of Darios underwear. Marco throats his bud, that returns the favor because Marcos cock tower over him, biceps and pecs. His dick is whipped by marco on Darios face before sitting on his tonguemoaning &ldquo!, as his massive boner bounces. As he eats, the two squirting -- including an impressive gusher from Dario, dario strokes. On his back, Dario gets his ass eaten and fucked by Marco--because he moves deep, whose muscle bod clenches. Dario makes it doggie style before sitting on Marco, the base s steel rotating before two more loads coat him as he bends, bobbing back and forth.
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In the gym showers, Dario Beck belts out a love song as water streams down his toned body. The sound seduces smooth Cavin Knight, who surprises Dario with a kiss as their boners graze. The tattooed Cavin slurps on Darios thick rod, munching on his foreskin. Dario returns the favor before eating Cavin, who sits on the dark-haired hotties tongue as the two jack off. Back by the lockers, Cavin offers his smooth hole: Thats it! he moans, his back arched and his muscular arms holding him up as Darios balls bang his ass (Fuck me! Give it to me!). Cavin sits down on the top, his stiff-as-steel shaft bouncing as he rides. The two stroke out another round of loads, including a hot, semi-handsfree gusher from Dario with beautifully delayed spurts.
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While attempting to break into an expensive home through the poolside patio, scruffy-chinned studs Leo Alarcon and Dario Beck are quickly distracted by each other. As Leos stiff cock bounces out of his jeans, Dario opens up for a steady face fuck that has the suckers chin dripping with spit strands. Leos gorgeous body fills the frame as he beats his cock on hungry Darios face, which gets wetter by the second. Leo then returns the favor, deep-throating Darios big meat as his own slab throbs. He flashes a sexy smile and stares up at Dario before the two squirt, coating Leos body. Still hungry, Leo buries his beard into Darios hole, warming it up for a doggie-style fuck that has Darios cock twitching as their toned bodies grind. Dario then gets his crack at Leos ass, fucking the moaning bottom from behind before turning him over in a memorable overhead shot. As he gets plowed deep, Leo strokes his super-stiff shaft -- finally coating himself with a huge load before Dario dumps a wad, the two kissing to end the action.
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Dario Beck gets a special offer from garage sale stud Jed Athens—an early-bird look at more loot in the house. He’s soon staring at Jed’s boner, whipping out his own slab as they stroke. The tension builds as Jed’s steel shaft throbs. Jed falls to his knees—stroking Dario’s rod before engulfing it. He goes deep, repeatedly tugging on Dario’s fleshy foreskin with his lips. Jed’s cock pulses as he gets face fucked, their two big boners in the frame. They stand, staring as their cocks slide against each other. Dario sucks the stranger back, Jed’s wet rod glistening. He pins Dario against the wall, spreading and licking his furry cheeks before burying his scruffy face inside. Jed fucks Dario from behind, the bottom then sitting down on him as Jed reaches around to stroke him. Dario’s boner bounces as he rides (“There you go!” moans Jed), the bottom dumping a heavy load that slides down his own leg—Jed then shooting on Dario’s thick meat.
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Walking through the countryside, Dario Beck is picked up by driver Viktor Jones. Back at a secluded estate, the well-matched pair—both dark and handsome studs sport trim frames and 5 o’clock shadows—lick each other’s pits as hands and tongues roam every inch of their bodies. Their cocks grind against each other as Viktor’s banana-arched beauty throbs for attention. Dario drops down to feast, his face getting wet as great aerial shots capture the action. After burying his stubbly chin inside Dario’s hole, Viktor shoves his thick shaft inside for a multi-position fuck. Dario finally squirts with minimal strokes, while Victor dumps his wad on the bottom’s balls.
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On a balcony overlooking a pool at night, Dario Beck is approached by Alex Graham—whose smooth, muscular chest catches his attention. They kiss, Alex unbuttoning Dario’s shirt and pulling the hairy-chested stud in closer as their jean bulges touch. Alex reaches down to stroke Dario’s thick boner, his own big cock soon Released. He strokes them together in one hand, Dario’s foreskin sliding up. They engage in hot swordplay as they look down at their beautiful dicks, Dario dropping down to suck. Hot shots look up at Alex’s amazing body, the shaved-headed hunk whipping his slab on Dario’s face. Dario gets rammed from behind, Alex placing his hand on the bottom’s back. Dario sits on the top, his own thick shaft stiff as steel as he rides. On his back, Dario gets stroked and fucked at the same time, Alex rubbing the bottom’s leg as he goes nice and steady. The two release, Alex’s chiseled bod tightening up as he squirts.
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