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Damien Nichols has taken a short break from BSB but now hes back to show our new guy, Liam Andrews, how its done!, Damien leans in and kisses Liam, gently touching Liams cock through his shorts as they make out and Liam follows Damiens lead, reaching for Damiens dick and then starting to undress., Damien goes down on Liam, using his mouth to get him hard before lying back on the bed and giving Liam a taste of his meat as Liam sucks and deepthroats Damiens thick cock., When Liams wet mouth has Damiens cock pulsing for a tight ass, he lies Liam on the bed and slowly slides his lubed up dick into Liams hole, taking it slow at first and then fucking him harder with his bareback cock. Liam moans as he gets his ass pounded, taking every inch of that dick and then getting on his knees to let Damien get deeper., Liams sweet ass bounces with each thrust of Damiens big cock, fucking him raw and then lying behind him to get a different angle on that amazingly tight hole while Liam starts to play with his own dick., Damien turns Liam over onto his back and bends his legs up, pounding his sore entrance harder than ever as he gives it to him raw and deep, making Liam
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Damien Nichols, one of our newest models on BSB, is a little nervous to be shooting his solo scene…not because he doesnt jerk off regularly, but because its all eyes on him and that can be a little intimidating for a newcomer., But when we talk him out of his clothes and he shows off his sexy muscles for us, hes a little more relaxed and ready to get started., He grabs the lube and gets that cock nice and slippery as he starts stroking it, standing in front of the bed and working that dick as it grows longer and fatter in his hands. When he reclines back on the bed, he uses his free hand to massage his balls and nipples as he runs it up and down his chest and abdomen, feeling himself up while he continues to pump that big dick., He gets up and kneels on the bed, his muscles tensing as he jerks his long shaft and closes his eyes, pulling on his thick cock until he busts a nut, shooting a huge load all over the bed as he rubs every last drop of
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Its Benjamin Dovers birthday and for his present weve given him newbie Damien Nichols as his scene partner, so Benjamin gets to help us break in this fresh meat!, They make out and Benjamin tells Damien to get down and suck his cock and of course the new guy gives in, taking Benjamins meat in his mouth and massaging that cock with his lips and tongue., But next its Benjamins turn to show off his oral skills as he goes down on Damien, taking that meat deep down his throat and sucking on Damiens balls as he gets him hard. When its time to fuck, Benjamin bends over, ass in the air and ready to get pounded as Damien slowly pushes his cock inside of him, filling him up with that raw dick., Benjamin buries his face in the bed as Damien fucks him hard, trying a different position while Benjamins ass stretches around Damiens thick member., Benjamin turns onto his back and Damien shoves that bareback cock in and out of his tight ass, making Benjamin moan with pleasure as he hits just the right spot in his sensitive ass and makes Benjamin nut all over himself!, Damien gets a few more deep thrusts in before pulling out and covering Benjamin in
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Damien Nichols and Chris Taylor start their scene off with some kisses, making out while they take their clothes off and Chris sneaks his hand up Damiens boxers to feel up that big dick. When Damien is naked, Chris wraps his lips around Damiens dick and gives him some amazing oral, deepthroating that cock and then taking his turn to lie back and enjoy Damiens mouth around his dick next! After enjoying each others cock-sucking skills, Chris gets on all fours on the bed, ass spread and ready to receive Damiens hard shaft which he eagerly shoves into Chriss hole. He fucks Chris hard and raw, his balls slapping against Chriss ass as he pounds him, moaning with each deep thrust as he gets his ass stretched around Damiens fat cock. Damien reaches around and plays with Chriss dick as he stands behind him and pounds him bareback and fucks the
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Although Damien Nichols hasnt been with BSB for too long, hes not the newbie anymore so that means its his job to bottom for the fresh meat in the studio, Hunter Lopez!, Hunter lies back on the bed, totally naked with his cock in Damiens mouth as he watches him work that big dick, getting it fat and hard as he slides it between his lips., After Damien sucks Hunters cock for a while longer, he gets on his stomach and lets Hunter put that throbbing prick between his ass cheeks, pushing it into his tight hole as Damien moans and gets fucked hard. Hunter pushes Damien farther onto the bed, climbing on behind him and really pounding that ass, making it bounce as he rams his raw dick into it, flipping Damien over and fucking him hard., Damien grabs his own member and strokes it while Hunter buries his cock inside Damiens ass, filling him up with that bareback meat until, he fucks the
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