To come in
Giacomo Jaros and Craig Farell are two incredibly hot and muscled military guys camping in a field. You can’t stuff two guys as large and hung as these in a small tent without repercussions; pent-up with lust, they crawl out of their tent half naked and Craig starts face fucking Giacomo with his thick, meaty cock. Jakub appears out of the woods and joins them, shoving his donkey dick down Giacomo’s throat. Craig services his two buddies’ cocks until they drench his wide, smooth chest with their cum, then he jacks out his own thick load. Giacomo feasts on Craig’s hole and meaty ass while Craig inhales Jakub’s fat tool, then Jakub and Giacomo take turns pounding Craig into submission before they pull out of his well-used holes and drench him in a fountain of sperm.
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