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When Tristan Hunter and Cade Maddox see each other, they instantly lock lips and Tristan reaches down to reveal Cade's throbbing cock. Tristan's mouth waters at the sight as he sinks to his knees and works his mouth up and down Cade's shaft. While Tristan is occupied with cock, Cade reaches back and teases Tristan's hole. After tongue fucking Tristan's smooth hole, they move out next to the pool where Tristan bends over, opens up and takes Cade's raw cock in his ass. After taking a relentless bareback pounding, Tristan gets on top to take control and ride Cade's pole. The feeling of Tristan's hole clenching on Cade's meat makes him cum all over Tristan's ass before sliding it back in. Tristan then keeps gliding up and down on Cade's cock until he lets loose and shoots his load all over Cade's glistening abs.
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'That which I would'like' to do to him, is different than what I'could' do to him,' says Nic Sahara when talking about handsome stud Cade Maddox. 'I'm flexible ya know, I being fucked by him, that is good. But, um, I would like to fuck him.' Having an overgrown frat boy smirk, Cade replies,'Join the club.' Speaking of clubs, that is exactly what Cade is currently packaging, and Nic is more than happy to leave his wish unfulfilled, submitting to Cade's bareback buttfucking experience. Cade works him over hard with dumps and authority a load in his pit, then sticks it back into fuck a hot stream of jizz out of Nic's thick tool in a steamy and sweet climax.
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Award-winning director Marc MacNamara provides a masterful drama which follows the stories of three young men who are sent to conversion therapy camp, ultimately demonstrating that love and human desire defeat all in A Murdered Heart., As they struggle these studs find solace. While there, they navigate the agony of being condemned, but a rebellion is on the increase as they find escape through their steamy connections with one another. On the first night at the camp, Joseph (Angel Rivera) has a nightmare about the night his dad caught him and his boyfriend Alexander Savage fucking and cumming on each others faces in the dark. When Phillip (Ty Mitchell) and Charlie (Colton Reece) devise a plan to escape the camp, they stop off at an abandoned truck for some cock sucking and hole-pounding activity that ends in facials. After the pastors assistant Cade Maddox is on duty to watch Joseph (Angel Rivera) in isolation, Cade learns he cant deny his urges and pounds Joseph hard before nutting all over his face. In a twist that is wicked, Josephs dad rsquo, Johnny Hazzard;s secrets are revealed and major discoveries come to light by Jessy Ares with a mystery appearance. What would you do when you were set free if you've waited your entire life to touch another man? Learn from NakedSword Originals; in, rdquo, A Murdered Heart.
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Fresh-faced cutie Austin Avery makes his porn debut at Cocky Boys in a big way: a condomless poolside scene with sultry super-top Cade Maddox! One minute they're giving each other "the look", the next they're making out. Cade's passionate, wet kisses ignite Austin to orally worship his solid, sculpted veiny muscles and lustfully desire the hard cock stretching his shorts. Awestruck but not intimidated by his thick cock, Austin gulps it down.
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If you want to get a good workout in, Cade Maddox is the one to call. When cute Twink Marcel Tykes wants to bulk up, he turns to the big sexy Cade to help him out. Cade takes care of the workout and Marcel's tight round butt by fucking him with his huge sweaty cock.
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Musclebound superstar Cade Maddox and young Latin hottie Lucas Leon are perfect together. Cade is dominating with his thick muscles and his giant cock. Lucas is a willing cocksucker and takes every inch down his throat. Cade loves the taste of Lucas his ass before he shaves every inch up there with extreme pleasure.
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When Cade Maddox comes down the stairs and notices his sexy pool boy, Kuper, cleaning up, he steps outside and gets in a lounge chair. Turned on by Kper, Cade starts rubbing his cock that's already bulging thru his speedo. When Kper notices the throbbing meat, Cade signals him inside to the couch. Without hesitation, Kper heads straight for Cade's thick cock with his lips. Cade feeds the willing pool boy his meat, making Kper gag on his thick pole. To show his appreciation, Cade puts the Kper's cock in his mouth while continuing to stroke his dick. Kper gets on all fours on the couch to give Cade total access to his hairless hole. Cade spreads Kper's cheeks and gets to work with his fingers and tongue, opening up the pool boy's ass. When Cade has Kper's hole nice and prepped for what's to come, he picks the stud up and carries him to the bedroom. Once on the bed, Cade takes a few more licks on Kper's hole before sliding his bare cock into the willing stud. On his back with his legs in the air, Kper grabs ahold of his cock and strokes it while Cade works the hole over with his cock. Switching positions, Kper rolls over and takes Cade's meat doggy-style. Cade continues the bareback pounding of the horny stud until Kper gets on top and rides Cade's cock. After Kper's ride, Cade throws Kper back on his backside and thrusts his full weight on top of Kper. While Cade is stretching out his hole, Kper lays back and works his load out of throbbing cock onto his abs. Seeing Kper bust his nut makes Cade let loose and shoot a thick load on Kper's ass. After swirling the load around with his cock, Cade slides back into Kper one last time.
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As we first began to notice that we were attracted to men, many of us had to hide that desire from everyone in our outside worlds. We lived in secret compartments and acted underneath a hush of deep fear. Coming out of the closet, no matter how easy or difficult, occurs in stages, layers, like breath. So much of our formative sexual experiences were secrets, stealing little pieces of our truths whenever we could scavenge them, and hoarding them within our private minds, we suffered under the weight of shame. We got really good at being sneaky—casting a stealthy sideways glance in a locker room or sauna, spying on our brothers or friends, interpreting silent “welcome” signals in public restrooms, covering our tracks, often longing for connection amidst a teeming social network that could not celebrate our truths with us.
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Cade Maddox is crashing at Taylor Reign's place and he's packed some essential Taylor REALLY likesrope and a ball gag! Taylor takes a special liking to the ball gag, so an excited Cade makes out with him and affixes the ball gag to him. Cade devilishly teases his big cock over Taylor's face and does what he can't. He sucks his cock and rims his hungry hole then goes back to slide his thick cock and musky balls around his nose.
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