To come in
Tall, lean, broad-backed new TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn is jogging shirtless through the woods. The TIO agent-in-training is spied on by the darkly handsome Nickolay Petrov, who knocks him unconscious and abducts him, spiriting him away to a lab. With Dean buck naked and spread eagled on an examination table, doctor Brett Mathews prods, probes and finger fucks Dean’s tight hole and shoves an electronic identity transfer device deep into his asshole. As the probe works its way up Dean’s fuckchute and does its nefarious work, his dick springs to life. Displaying his best bedside manner, Brett deepthroats his patient’s flexing shaft as Nickolay massages Dean’s ripped, blond-furred pecs. Brett strips off his white lab coat and lies back as Nickolay sits on his face and jacks off. Dean sucks Brett’s dick, then gobbles down Nickolay’s cock while Brett continues to chow down on his ass. Nickolay blasts a load of sticky jizz all over Dean, while Dean jerks a load out of Brett and then shoots his own cream onto Brett’s back while Brett sucks Dean’s ball sack. Dean grabs Brett’s beefy butt cheeks and pries them apart, prodding and tonguing Brett’s smooth ass as Brett sucks Nickolay’s cock. Dean slides in and hammers Brett’s ass while Nickolay feeds him his impossibly long shaft. Brett lies on the examination table with his butt over the edge, the perfect position for Nickolay and Dean to take turns cracking Brett’s hole open with their hard cocks. The three become a fuck sandwich with Dean pumping Brett’s butt while Nickolay pound his penis into Dean’s ass. Nickolay can’t hold back any longer, and pulls out and squirts a giant load all over Brett’s hairy chest, while Dean continues to thrust his way up Brett’s ass as Brett shoots all over his ripped torso. Finally, Dean pulls out and strokes out a load that coats his balls and abs. Mission accomplished? If the mission is getting nine of the hottest TitanMen around to scorch the screen with almost three hours of sucking, rimming, fucking, and fisting… then YES!
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