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Tattooed poor boy Bo Sinn is such an impatient individual he's been put in restraints, but although he could pull his hospital gownhe can't reach his own dick! When Lev Ivankov arrives to feed Bo, the top spits the meals in the face of Lev, then pulls out his hard cock. Lev accepts Bo invite to suck on himthen slips from his scrubs and jumps on for a journey. Bo is let by him so he cums as Bo creampies his ass, and could get doggystyle.
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Tattooed stud Seth Knight is walking down the road looking for a ride, but when Bo Sinn pulls over to pick him up he gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. Bo pulls out his huge cock and Seth eagerly services him in the car, sucking and spitting on the rough tops dick. Bo uses Seths mouth, fucking the hitchhikers face before he takes off his pants and pounds his tight hole in the back of the van. Bo fucks Seth relentlessly, making the brown haired hunk moan wildly until Bo shoots his load all over Seths pounded out hole.
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Bo Sinn shows up at Riley Mitchells glory hole and sticks his massive cock through expecting prompt service. Riley is intimidated by Bos cock, but the tattooed power top helps him get more comfortable by reaching into the hole and pulling Riley through. Bo dominates Rileys mouth, making the sexy furry bottom worship his big uncut cock. Riley loves every second of it, begging Bo to pound his hole without mercy. Bo happily complies, giving Riley the hardcore dicking down that the eager slut deserves.
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Bo Sinn calls up a number he finds advertising a glory hole service. When he gets there his hands are tied, his mouth taped shut and his cock shoved through a gloryhole to the eager mouth of Manuel Skye on the other side. Bo lets Manuel give him a deep and sloppy blowjob, but soon he wants more. The tattooed power top breaks free from his ropes, breaks down the wall and takes control of Manuel. Bo shoves his long cock down Manuels throat with his signature mercilessness, making the sexy bearded stud gag on his massive cock. Bo takes the cords that were around his wrists and wraps them around Manuels neck and cock while he plows into the toned studs eager ass. Manuel loves every second getting dominated by Bo, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as Bo fucks the cum out of him over the bathroom sink.
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When the hulking hunter Bo Sinn spots Oliver Smith taking a casual stroll through the woods hell stop at nothing to get the cute twink gagging on his cock. Bo climbs a tree and throws a net down on the unsuspecting bottom then hurries down to give the cock hungry slut what they both know he wants. Oliver greedily takes Bos cock down his throat, sucking as much of it as he can before the merciless top bends him over and shoves his enormous dick into Olivers ass. Oliver loves every second of being caught in Bos trap, moaning with ecstasy as his hole gets used until Bo blows his huge load all over Olivers face.
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Windom Gold is chained up and waiting for the unsinkable Bo Sinn to come and use him as his own personal footstool. Bo kicks back, puts his boots up on the tall blonde studs back and smokes a cigarette, teasing Windoms face with his foot while he watches TV and plays video games. Bo lets the horny bottom slut service his massive cock while hes busy, but when Windom gets in the way Bo decides that its time for a rough punishment fuck. Windom loves every second of taking Bos long and thick cock, moaning while his hole gets used for the dominant tops pleasure. Bo blasts a huge load all over Windom then generously allows the submissive to sniff his boots while he jerks off.
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