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Masyn Thorne and Blaze Austin are both experienced guys, so you know theyre ready to deliver an incredible scene for you., Kissing on the bed, they strip down and Blaze stands up and pushes his cock down Masyns throat., Masyn deepthroats that huge prick, toying with Blazes balls as he gets his mouth fucked and then Blaze treats Masyn to some oral next., Blaze sucks and licks Masyns fat dick, getting him rock hard and then straddling him as they 69, their mouths stuffed full of sweet cock. When Masyn is ready to bury his cock in more than Blazes mouth, Blaze sits his ass on Masyns shaft and rides him raw., Masyn thrusts up into him and then turns Blaze over onto his stomach, taking him doggy style, pounding him deep and hard., Blaze moans as Masyns cock splits his ass open, taking that dick until he nuts all over himself and Masyn spills his hot
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James Dawn kisses and sucks his way down Blaze Austins body until he reaches that big dick, pulling it between his lips and giving Blaze some incredible oral., Blaze treats James to some good head next, laying him back on the bed and sucking on that thick shaft., Blaze bends Jamess legs up and spreads that ass, licking and rimming Jamess tight hole as he gets him loosened up and relaxed to take Blazes cock., As Blaze slowly pushes inside James, James cries out as that big shaft stretches his ass apart. Blaze pounds him raw on the bed, burying himself balls deep before moving to the chair and having James straddle him, riding his dick as they kiss., But Blaze wants that ass harder, faster, deeper and he throws James onto the bed to take him how he wants him., James works his own cock as he gets fucked by Blaze and with Blazes rock hard prick inside of him he strokes out a nice big load., When Blaze sees all that hot
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Masyn Thorne and Blaze Austin are both seasoned men, so you know theyre prepared to deliver an incredible scene for you. Kissing on the mattress, they strip down and Blaze stands up and pushes his cock Masyns throat. Masyn deepthroats that huge prick, toying with Blazes balls as he gets his mouth fucked and then Blaze treats Masyn to some next. Blaze licks and sucks Masynstraddling him as they 69 and then s fat dick, their mouths stuffed full of cock.
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Blaze Austin is dreading his doctor's appointment. He waits anxiously until Doctor Sebastian Keys and Nurse Chance Summerlin enter. As they begin to run their tests, Blaze knows something isn't quite right. He struggles to leave, but Doctor Keys sedates him and everything gets fuzzy. When Blaze wakes up, he discovers his whole body has been wrapped tightly in plastic! The doctor and nurse start caressing his body. They cut open the plastic near his crotch and pull his dick out. As Nurse Chance starts teasing it, Blaze gets rock hard. His struggles are fruitless, all he can do is lay there while these medical professionals get to work. They test Blaze's reflexes by tickling and kissing his feet. They pump his cock until it swells to fillup the pump cylinder. Blaze begs to cum as his cock grows more and more sensitive with each pump. Next, Blaze is bound with his limbs immobilized in the air. There is an unforgiving metal gag prying his mouth open. Doctor Keys starts testing his prostrate while Nurse Summerlin teases his cock. After Blaze's ass is prepared, Doctor Keys slips a rectal specula into that tight hole. As the specula opens, so does Blaze's ass, revealing his pink insides. Blaze can't believe this is happening but he loves the feeling of being stretched open. His cock gets harder and harder as the nurse jacks him off. He finally blows a fat load all over himself and screams as Doctor Keys and Nurse Summerlin continue to stimulate his sensitive cock head.
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Hot and hunky Dom Devin Trez has a voracious appetite for Blaze Austins ass. Leather clad Trez has Blaze on his knees in a dark dungeon donning a leather collar and cuffs and he is warming him up for some hardcore corporeal and ass pounding action. Devin licks and sucks Austins mouth and makes him worship his leather gloves. Trez pinches Austins nipples, pounds his chest, slaps his hard dick and Blaze bends over backwards to let his master have his way. Then on all fours Blaze gets an intense spanking on his ass making him wince and moan and want come cock buried deep in his asshole. Now Blaze is all rigged up for suspension but before his ascension Devin teases and paddles his butt turning it redhot making Blaze squirm and howl. Devin spreads Austins ass open checking out the goods to see if his hole is ready for the big cock he is going to cram in that tight little hole. In his sexy leather pants Trez rubs his crotch all over Blazes face and mouth-gag making him hot and desperate for the cock treasure that awaits inside those trousers. Trez finally reveals his big cock to his slut slave but won’t let him taste it until later...Next with Blaze in full suspension Mr. Trez and his big hard dick have a fuck party inside Blaze Austins ass. Trez pounds his ass out while poor little Blaze takes it like a good slut bouncing back and forth in mid air. Finally Blaze is standing upright with arms tied to the ceiling and full body exposed and vulnerable to the torment that Devin will administer. Its time to go to Flogger town and what a trip it is when Blaze gets his ass and belly whipped over and over again until he is wailing in pain but he keeps taking it until Mr Trez turns that pain into pleasure when he fucks Blaze the slaves ass again. Devin chokes Austins neck, fucks him and bites him giving him all kinds of wild sensations until finally Devin unties him and lets Blaze suck his dick. Mr. Trez shoots a fuck load gallon of hot cum all over Austins face and then lets Blaze jack off onto his boots and lick it all up. Good Slut.
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On episode 13 of Pranksters, muscular Blaze Austin is giving his unsuspecting victims serious wedgies! Everything is going his way until he ends up on chiseled hunk Jake Porter, who happens to be wearing lacy, pink panties! Brown-haired Blaze jumps back, but he’s actually turned on, and follows Jake back home so he can get up close and personal.
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