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Meanwhile, back at the shoot, the crew is in a frenzy of wild man sex, feeding their huge cocks to each other, licking bulging ball sacks and tugging on foreskin, tonguing hot ass and furiously fucking each other. Colton piston fucks Blake until they’re both swimming in a pool of sweat. As the party drives towards its inevitable climax, a circle jerk sends jizz flying everywhere; Damian butt-bangs Sean doggy style while Zach and Peter dump their copious loads on Damian’s hairy chest and shoulders. Damian finger fucks a creamy load out of Sean, and Blake fingers Colton, who grunts like a wild beast as he pumps out a jet of jizz.
In Prowl 3, an amazing bunch of butt-pumping, spunk-spewing studs go at each other nonstop in a massive gang bang at a local sex club. Lean and tattooed Brad McGuire fucks Diego Alvarez’s well-greased muscular ass while tall, lean fuck machine Michael Brandon slams Carlos Morales’s beefy butt. All around them, more handsome, hairy muscular studs bang away at each other in slings, suck hungrily on each other’s fat cocks and tongue some mighty tasty holes through glory holes and toilet seats, finishing up with an explosive finale between hot and hairy studs Colton Ford and Blake Harper.
Incredibly hot and hairy muscle studs Colton Ford and Blake Harper feed each other their cocks through a glory hole, then take turns chowing down on each other’s hot holes. Blake fucks Colton from behind before Colton returns the favor, holding Blake’s impossibly thick hairy calves high and wide as he drives his throbbing cock up his hard muscular ass. Blake unloads on Colton’s ripped furry pecs and Colton sprays himself with his hot semen.
00:22:08 min
Light up those cigars and get ready to celebrate, because TITAN Media has a new premiere feature, FOCAL LENGTH, directed by BRIAN MILLS and Ed Campana, two of the industrys best-known still photographers. For FOCAL LENGTH, they trade their 35mms for video cameras, transforming the supercharged images of their still photography into non-stop live action. Not surprisingly, then, the action in FOCAL LENGTH has a photographic theme, centering on the erotic adventures of shutterbug Josh Perez. The horny muscle hunk uses his zoom lens to invade the private sex lives of some of San Franciscos hottest men
00:02:48 min
Nobody mixes up romance and raunch like TitanMen, and the combos never been hotter than in Heat. Its the HOTTEST feature weve ever made, and literally the hottest in the actual making -- 109° in the shade! The cum sizzles when it hits the rocks. Bruce Cams seductive direction and cinematography documents the chance encounters of powerful, striking men as they roam through the expansive deserts of the Southwest, realizing their fevered sexual fantasies in some of Americas most dramatic wilderness areas.
Once he finishes with Press, the insatiable Perez returns to his hilltop vantage point to scope out the city for more hot action. And, he doesnt have to look very far before he spies TITAN man Rick Matthews and newcomer Blake Harper getting ready to go head-to-head. Perez captures the two lovers spending a quiet afternoon in each others arms on the couch sharing a bowl of popcorn. But, as you can guess, the afternoon doesn’t stay quiet, not with two beautiful men licking salt and butter from each other’s fingertips. It’s not long before the bowl is pushed aside and these two muscle boys are stripped down and sucking each other off. Harper lifts Matthews’s legs in the air and finds a treat he likes even better than popcorn. He lets us watch one of the hottest butt lickings youre ever likely to see. Harper cant keep his tongue off Matthews’ tight pink hole, and the more he licks, the more Matthews ass opens up. Good enough to eat? What do you think? Perez watches as these two bad boys up the ante and take turns stretching out each other’s holes. This is a flip-flop fuck you won’t soon forget.
00:29:39 min
In Dont Ask, Dont Tell!, a bunch of tough men in uniform dont ask and dont tell but sure do a lot of ass pumping and throat fucking; these guys are packing some seriously deadly artillery and they know how to use it! Big-dicked Thom Barron fucks lean n ripped Tuck Johnsons eager throat in the shower and dares him to tell anybody about it. Handsome Matt Bradshaw and horse-hung Chad Johnson spear Blake Harper and then drench his hairy pecs in giant wads of sperm. Logan Reed and Jason Branch fuck Steve Cassidy senseless before the guys all gather in a bar for an incredibly hot orgy featuring Michael Brandons massive cock as the star attraction.
00:02:26 min