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Episode 4 of 'Hot House Flippers' continues its home-makeover show with host Austin Avery welcoming his favorite interior designer, Colby Tucker. In the newly renovated vacation rental, the two team up to stage the space with furniture and colorful decor. With everything in place, the two get naked and nasty as the reality cameras catch it all. Austin whips out his whopper of a cock and feeds it to Colby, getting his big dick hard as a rock. The two suck each other on matching loveseats till Austin bends Colby over and rims him good. Slick with spit, the hairy hole beckons as Colby pleads for Austin to fuck him raw. Austin complies with a relentless, bareback pounding that redecorates Colby's interior and makes the designer shoot his load which Austin scoops up and uses as lube for his final thrusts, which send him over the edge blasting his seed on Colby.
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When hot dom top Arad Winwin meets voracious bottom boy Austin Avery, the sparks fly. Arad likes it rough, with that gap for his own pleasure and pinning down a guy. All this info makes Austin's eyes light up. Austin loves getting his ass eaten before getting raw. Arad happily agrees, once they strip down to their panties, taking charge. Constructed and thick hung, the sexy little cocksucker is fed by Arad, then chows down on his hole as requested. Careful what you wish for, Austin learns, after having his bum expertly rimmed. Together with his hole prepped for penis, Arad provides the bareback. Sporting himself to a hefty dick, Austin shoots an huge load all over his abs Arad hoses his hole using a barrage of jizz.
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When hot dom top Arad Winwin meets voracious bottom boy Austin Avery, the sparks fly. Arad likes it rough, pinning a guy down and using that hole for his own selfish pleasure. All this info makes Austin's eyes light up. Austin loves having his ass eaten with lots of spit before getting drilled raw with a giant cock. Arad happily agrees, taking charge with his extra-large meat once they strip down to just their underwear. Built and heavy hung, Arad feeds the horny little cocksucker, then chows down on his hungry hole as requested. Careful what you wish for, Austin learns, after having his ass expertly rimmed. With his hole prepped for cock, Arad delivers the promised bareback, power fuck that leaves Austin's hole gaping and begging for more. Sporting a hefty dick himself, Austin shoots an impressively massive load all over his abs, then Arad hoses his hole with a barrage of jizz, stuffing it back in at the finish.
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I like to get possessed,' says Austin. Ryan teases and laughs with a wink,'underside' Austin nods knowing it's true. Soon the two bronzed and built friends are naked in a large bed, with Austin devouring Ryan's amazing cock until he gets turned facedown for an epic ass eating and raw, balls deep bareback fuck out of Ryan making them equally spray huge loads of jizz and leaving Austin coated in cum.
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From the van and rear on the road, Josh is stunned and judgmental about Dan's ease and comfort with having random sex with strangers. Dan tells him to loosen their argument leads to a dialogue about relationships, their lives and love. Along the waythey take a detour into the friend of Dan Colton Reece's cottage in the forests, in which they introduce him and pick up a sexy hitchhiker. Josh can't break and comes out of the space After that night he's sharing with Dan to detect Colton and Austin having intercourse in the room from the lighting from the fireplace and return to bed. Colton eats Austin ass and gets it wet and slick with his tongue, primed for his cock to open up him and bareback the little nomad's gap. Austin has a thick one until Austin demands Colton dick in his butt, and they swap blowjobs. The fuck festival continues as the beer of Austin rides Colton can on the ground orgasm to a cum splattering.
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Fresh-faced cutie Austin Avery makes his porn debut at Cocky Boys in a big way: a condomless poolside scene with sultry super-top Cade Maddox! One minute they're giving each other "the look", the next they're making out. Cade's passionate, wet kisses ignite Austin to orally worship his solid, sculpted veiny muscles and lustfully desire the hard cock stretching his shorts. Awestruck but not intimidated by his thick cock, Austin gulps it down.
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A lazy summer day at CockyBoys? Not quite! When Austin Avery, Ben Masters lie in each other’s arms and start kissing. Their dicks get hard and passions ignite into a condom-less flip-fuck!
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On a lovely summer day waking up in the arms of Troy Accola, there's no way Austin Avery is going in to work! Troy happily plays hooky with Austin on a carefree day together outdoors..and inside afterward for some fun condom-free sex! At first they're content to make out and play with each other's rock-hard cocks until Troy makes his move and starts sucking Austin. And when they see themselves in the mirror, they're even more excited.
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