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Seeing the sudden influx of cash that his step-brother seems to have at his disposal, Evan Landers can't help but wonder what he's doing for work, and when he finds out that Aspen has been shooting gay porn for money, suddenly his interest piques. He could've sworn Aspen was straight, but it turns out to Aspen, a hole is a hole, which has Evan suddenly pondering the possibilities. Aspen needs his secret to be kept and Evan could use some hard dick release, so he proposes they make a family trade, which is an offer Aspen is more than happy to accept. Enjoy!
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Considering that the parents ' are outside, its no time to play with! Although Aspen is playing a 1 player game, this doesn, t from wanting to connect stop his Ryan Jordan. After having a massage, player two unites in on the action. This doesn, t prevent him away from enjoying Ryan, s big joystick, While Aspen is caught from the game. Turns out it was a two player game after all!
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Aspen wont let his girlfriend take his credit card to go shopping. She offers him a blindfolded blowjob and takes his card when hes not looking, leaving the tattooed hunk with his pants down and his dick out, waiting for a blowjob that might never come.
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Chiseled hottie Vadim Black loves working in the auto body shop, and being surrounded by greasy men all day. His horny juices get so revved up at the mere thought of leather and metal. Hung and ready to fuck, he takes full advantage of beefy hunk Daxx Carter and ripped, cute Aspen as they swap spit and blowjob duties in this hot threesome.
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Adorable, fit Zander Lane was sitting in the park minding his own business when ripped hunk Aspen ran by him, and now all he wants to do is get his attention. He wasn’t quick enough to catch up, but luckily he saw him in the parking lot, and decided to follow him. Once parked, brown-haired Zander ran over to Aspen’s car and hid in the backseat. Little did he know, tattooed Aspen saw the whole thing go down, and he’s just horny enough to bring him inside and give him as much dick as he can handle.
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Fit cutie Beau Banks has a crush on his sister’s boyfriend, muscular, hunk Aspen, and desperately wants a piece of his ass. She sets up a sexy cam session with tattooed Aspen, and tells Beau to hide out in the bedroom closet so he can watch it all unfold. Little did she know brown-haired Beau had other plans in mind! He emerges from his hiding place, and begins blowing Aspen’s fat, thick cock before mounting it, and straddling him until they both cum.
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