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Our salaciously popular show, #Helix made from fan questions and requests, is back, AND packed FULL with porn celebrity electricity, in the kind of Fan favs Ashton Summers, along with Caleb Gray! As always, rsquo, the man;s super fans do NOT disappoint with questions, which help us get to know the dudeso on a deeper level. After answering questions that are excellent on everything it, s just like to be part of the Helix family, athletic, and musical talents! Of tickling, and, hanging Caleb strip Summers kiss that hot, jock chest, your requests get the sexy hotties moving, and set this six celebrity sex scene! Caleb&rsquo kisses rev Ashtons engine, placing a porn pleasing mission with pleasure with the sex superstar as his objective. He wrangles his way down to rsquo s eats that cock, also colossal cock! Not to be outdone, Gray gorges on the hot jocks Puerto Rican bit such as the porn prince s magnificent gluteus with a thirsty tongue, and palms. Convinced rsquo, that he;s prepped the boy, Summers slides that super sized slab of beef at rsquo s can takes him. Gray cant launches his load, and contain his cum gusher, covering some square footage that is serious with fuck fuel. Then.... Ashton busts, blasting the boys back, with lotion, coating him up to his neck . He pushes his spitting cock back up rsquo s cock hole, filling his insides.
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When superstars Ashton Summers and Johnny Hands combined their porn super powers, the result is an absolutely explosive contender for best scene of the year! Johnny works Ashton overtime, servicing the Puerto Rican prince’s perfect piece and legendary ass with a porn perfect tongue punching and a hard hitting hammering that nearly over heats the screen! And, Ashton gives just as good as he got He chokes down the hot jock's kevlar cock like it’s his last meal and savors every thick, veiny inch in his raunchy, refined porn palate. The bareback boys don’t hold ANYTHING back and go for BUST in this balls to the wall bang fest that finishes with the best, biggest, and LONGEST cum shots you’re likely to see all year! Johnny’s juicy jackhammer pushes every ounce of fuck from Summers’ sack to the surface, where the pure white gold goo splatters all over the Latin lust god’s gorgeous, golden brown body with a blast. And then...... Hands shuts it DOWN with the biggest bust bonanza of fuck firework we’ve seen! His raw, rocked up rod roars, splattering Ashton’s perfect face, then blasting past his head, and clear out of frame! This is one for the books boys!
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