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Oliver has always admired his older stepbrother’s physique, so he is extra proud of himself when he is able to keep up with the toned guy’s tough exercise regimen. As they cool off together, his big stepbro can’t help but notice how strong and sexy the little guy has gotten. They oil each other up and the boy caresses his big buddy’s body. He makes his way down to the stud’s throbbing cock, sliding it into his mouth for a gentle blowjob. Then, he bends the big guy over and barebacks his tight hole from behind. The workout ends with both boys drenched in sweat and cum!
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Kink newcomer Argos is bound and at the mercy of a leather clad Jack Dixon. Argos is nervous for his first day serving the House but flourishes under the firm hand of Daddy Dixon. Jack strips Argos, exposed his lean form and rock hard dripping cock. He plays with Argos nipples and tests Argos endurance with the flogger. Argos moans as Jack hits his chest, startled by how good it feels. Next, Argos is bound and hooded, facing a mirror. Helpless, he watches as Jack plays with his cock and puts closepins on his sensitive nipples. Jack pushes his gloved-fingers into his boys mouth, making him taste his smooth worn leather. Jack pumps Argos hard cock until Argos is begging to cum. Jack smacks Argos chest, reminding him who his cock belongs to. He brings out the violet wand and draws sparks down Argos chest to his hard cock and tight balls. Argos moans as the violet wand travels up his shaft and over his sensitive nipples. Hearing his boys moans gets Jack nice and hard. He frees his cock and stuffs it in Argos wet eager mouth. Argos lips stretch obscenely around Jacks fat cock. Once Jack has his fill, he flogs Argos ass until its a warm red and ready for a pounding. Argos is bound and gagged on his back. He moans as Jack pushes the head of his monster cock into his tight hole. Jack groans as his cock sinks inch by inch into his boy. Soon, Argos is moaning for more and Jack takes a look over at the mirror to watch his cock thrusting in and out of Argos hungry hole. Finally, he lets Argos cum all over his belly as he gets fucked, and then its Daddys turn. Jack has Argos suck his cock and then cums all over his face. What a lucky boy.
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Argos cant take his eyes off of his hot step-dad Jax. Hes decided that enough is enough and hes going to do whatever it takes to seduce him. The fit dark haired cutie shows off his rock hard body and perfect ass, but nothing is getting Jaxs attention. However, when Argos sustains a light cranial trauma from an ill-placed rake, Jaxs paternal instincts kick in and Argos has the perfect opportunity to make his interest known. Argos sucks the fit daddys cock long and deep, working it hard with his hands and mouth. Jax cant hide his excitement pounding the bearded studs tight hole until they both shoot their huge creamy loads.
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Breaking up is always hard, but its especially hard when you have the kind of chemistry that Tristan Jaxx and Argos have. Trying to get closure, Tristan brings Argos a box of stuff hes left behind at his apartment, but as they go through the box together they fall back into old patterns. Before you know it Tristan is hammering Argos hole with a thick dildo, loosening him up for a bittersweet parting pounding. Argos rides Tristans cock, grinding against the sexy salt and pepper stud until theyre both ready to shoot their final load together.
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