To come in
Handsome Andrew Justice finds sandy-haired Johnny Ryder practicing yoga on the deck one morning, and the younger bodybuilder offers to show him some preliminary moves. As he sidles in close behind to ease his buddy into position, his cock starts creeping out from under the waistband of his briefs. Easy moves turn into easy sex. Andrew knows the best move of all, and slips his raging hard-on into Johnnys mouth. Johnny spit shines the bulging head of Andrews jawbreaker and swallows the long bone whole. Johnnys sturdy body, clipped pubes and tower-of-power cock make him a dish Andrews compelled to devour. He goes down on Johnnys hefty knob in a way that cant be legal, claims the studs granite ass for his sole jurisdiction, and throws him a power fuck that Johnny wont contest. His cock swells in his hand as Andrew repeatedly breaks into his deep tunnel of throbbing ass, until theyre both drenched in creamy cum.
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