To come in
Servants piss play. Alex Baresi and Tober Brandt get into some raunchy piss and assplay, while Darius Falke observes. Tober, intimidating in full rubber gear, lurches up to Alex, grabs his head and brutally shoves his dick so far and hard down his throat that Alex gags, spit pouring down his chin. Darius watches from a distance, jacking off, as Alex sucks Tober to completion, shooting his cum all over Alex’s hairy chest. Tober tears his rubber mask off so he can lick his own creamy cum off Alex. Tober then gets on his knees to suck Alex’s uncut monster, and jacks Alex off onto his own chest, splattering Alex’s jizz in a huge sperm explosion. Tober opens his mouth wide to receive Alex’s stream of golden piss, which he collects and spits back into Alex’s mouth before kneeling down once again to lick Alex’s golden liquid off the floor. Tober directs Alex to lean over, and then spurts the piss he’s just licked off the floor all over Alex’s golden globes. Tober strings Alex’s legs up in a truss, legs spread open to allow Tober to insert a metal spreader in his asshole, which he opens up, fingers and eats out, sampling the lip-smacking taste of his amazing ass. Tober blasts huge torrents of steaming piss up Alex’s open asshole, which adds a whole new dimension to the taste!
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Sucking it up. Tober Brandt digs deep in Alex Baresi’s ass. Tober slams an enormous black dildo up Alex’s ass as Darius continues to jack off. Tober then slides a rosebud vacuum pump up Alex’s ass leaving Alex’s rosy ass-ring swollen and quivering. Tober butters up his fist, and sinks it in one shot up Alex’s prepped ass, punching in and pulling completely out with his meaty fist, leaving Alex’s swollen sphincter open and pulsing with the need for more. Tober slicks up his condomed cock and shoves it in, holding onto the suspension bar above while riding Alex. Tober and Alex jack off onto Alex’s hairy hard abs and Darius strokes himself to completion.
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Thick, hard-bodied agent Jason Ridge heads to the point (crossing paths on the way with François Sagat) where agents Alex Baresi and Fred Faurtin have scheduled their rendezvous in the forest to swap information. But secrets aren’t all the two agents are sharing, as Jason spies on Alex and Fred getting distracted as they kiss and peel off their shirts, revealing Alex’s thickly muscled back and incredibly hot, hairy pecs and Fred’s tight, lean, smooth torso. Alex chews on Fred’s erect nipples and gives his pits a tongue bath, then unzips him and swallows his uncut dickshaft, lavishing special attention on the bulbous cockhead glistening with precum. Jason, who’s been stroking his dick and watching from behind some bushes, strips down and joins the action. Jason and Alex take turns slurping greedily on Fred’s dick, then as Alex and Fred kiss, Jason goes back and forth stroking and sucking their two uncut cocks. Fred and Alex kiss and take turns biting and chewing each other’s nipples until they both soak Jason’s pecs with a double load of creamy cum. Still rock hard, Fred looks on as Jason fucks Alex’s face and spews a torrent of jizz all over his hairy chest. Jason eats Alex’s hairy muscle butt, slowly licking his crack and hole, then Fred gives it a go, spreading Alex’s hairy asscheeks and driving his tongue in deep. Having gotten a tantalizing taste of Alex’s meaty ass, Fred and Jason lube up their condom-sheathed cocks and take turns fucking the hell out of him. Fred gets Jason on his back with his thick legs in the air and eats his ass; Fred and Alex take turns fucking him until Jason pumps a white wad all over his tight abs. Alex then takes a ride on Fred’s thick cock, grinding up and down and nice and slow while he pumps out a creamy load, his face contorted in pleasure. Fred lays back and shoots all over his own chest. Alex gets down on all fours and offers Fred his hard, hairy muscled ass, so Fred slips a glove on, greases Alex’s inviting butt, then shoves his fist in and out of Alex’s hole, pushing all the way in and pulling nearly all the way out as Alex grunts loudly with intense pleasure. The sight and feel of Alex’s ass gets Fred so hot and bothered he pumps out another load with one fist planted firmly up Alex’s butt.
00:24:49 min
When muscular park ranger Steve Carlisle runs into hunting friends (and TitanMen exclusives) Alex Baresi and Marco Blaze along the trail, he asks them for their permit— but the studs can’t comply. “Maybe we could work something out,” suggests the authority figure, his groin soon groped as the three start kissing, their bulges already bursting. The three shed their clothes and Alex gives expert service to Steve’s milky white body and red-hot boner. While watching the action, Marco’s massive uncut cock throbs in excitement. He smiles at Alex, who grinds against Steve, their boners grazing each other. As Marco whips his cock around, Alex plants his lips at the base of Steve’s shaft in a hot deep-throat display. Smooth-headed Steve then drops to his knees, taking turns sucking his two buds—with gorgeous side shots capturing Marco’s massive meat. Marco moans as he gets serviced, then offers his hand to Alex—who spits in it so Marco can jack off. The two kiss above Steve before the three squirt. Moving into Steve’s office, the three strip down again while kissing. Marco quickly positions dark and hairy Alex over the table and buries his tongue into the hunk’s hole. Alex in turn feasts on Steve’s cheeks as Marco whips his meat against Alex’s ass. He then slides his shaft inside Alex, who starts sucking on Steve. The two hard cocks disappear into both of Alex’s holes. Steve then gets on his back for his own shot of Marco, burying his face into Alex’s pecs as he gets plowed. Marco slaps Steve’s ass, and soon the bottom is 69ing with Alex as the three men stay busy. Alex then lies beside Steve so Marco can take turns on their holes, the two bottoms kissing as they get hammered. Marco gets in some hard thrusts, his balls bouncing away as his shaft gets a workout. Alex fires off his second load as he gets fucked, and his buds follow suit—with the million muscles on Marco’s body clenching as he fires off his load.
00:40:33 min
Folsom Filth doesnt push the envelope. It shreds it. The movie, chosen as The Official Leather/Fetish Film of the Folsom Street Fair, is not only the first to earn that title in the legendary fetish fairs 23 year history, but one of the most hard-edged films TitanMen has ever produced. The next evolution in the groundbreaking and award-winning Fallen Angel series, Folsom Filth takes leather/fetish play quite literally kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Deep within the bowels of the Folsom Street underworld, abductees earning their place in the Masters Lair are whipped, pissed on, toyed with and tortured in ways youve never seen nor imagined. In 3½ hours of mind-altering, hardcore sensation, TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke, Damien Crosse, François Sagat, towering stud Diesel Washington, power bottom (and incomparable beauty) Alex Baresi, plus a never wilder Tober Brandt savage bound, ball-tortured, fisted submissives, including the human urinal and the bloodied whipping boy. Folsom Filth, directed by Brian Mills, stars the biggest collection of TitanMen exclusives ever put on film. Hard and hairy Alex Baresi makes his sensational debut, as does massively muscled hunk François Sagat. Brawny Tober Brandt, handsome Damien Crosse, strapping stud Diesel Washington and devilish Darius Falke round out the cast of talented TitanMen exclusives. Innocent-looking but so-very-bad Patrick O’Connor stars as a young man who winds up getting kidnapped and brutally plundered by nasty Vin Nolan, master stud Steve Trevor and Derek da Silva, who’s making his TitanMen debut as the obedient dogboy in Folsom Filth’s underworld lair. Sizzling super-bottom Lee Heyford, dominant daddy Brendan Davies, renowned leatherman Joe G, and raunchy RJ round out the cast of masculine TitanMen.
Serving the Masters. Alex Baresi services Diesel Washington, and Brendan Davies dominates Lee Heyford. Encased in futuristic latex suction beds, servants Alex Baresi and Lee Heyford are Released from their long captivity. They immediately fall to their knees to service Brendan’s and Diesel’s rock-hard cocks, slurping and slobbering like the cockhounds that they are. Brendan lets loose a stream of hot piss into Lee’s mouth, and the gulping, doused slave massages the overflow onto a body that shines with the gilding liquid. Kneeling next to Lee, Alex bathes under the golden shower Released by giant stud Diesel. When the piss streams subside, they are quickly replaced by their masters’ boiling jets of creamy cum, streaming loads of hot cum across their chests.
00:19:59 min
Serving the Masters, continued. Alex Baresi and Lee Heyford topped by Diesel Washington and Brendan Davies. Diesel clips Lee’s hands and outstretched arms to a suspension bar, where he watches helplessly as Alex is thrown on a bench. Brendan shoves his steely cock down Alex’s throat as Diesel’s is punched fiercely up his ass. The two muscled Masters tag team Alex’s mouth and ass. Diesel’s anger is volcanic; this is one scary fucker! After loosening up Alex with their relentless plugging, they go for Lee, giving him more of the same rough treatment. Finally, Alex endures more of Diesel’s furious fucking, and he shoots cum across his own finely furred belly, with Diesel and Brendan soon adding their liquid loads.
00:24:21 min