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New DEEPTHROAT SIRENS scene featuring the return of Judas X! Judas is a no nonsense submissive little pet. She just kneels right down in front of my cock and starts sucking. She literally inhales cock right down to the balls. I swear she could even handle more! She says she has some breathing technique that helps her suck cock. It is like she meditates on cock. She is in the moment. It is her happy place. Namaste! ~ SH
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Whitney Wright gets filled with cum in this hardcore fuck session with Ramon. Whitney’s a hot little fuckslut that’s looking sexy as she can be in her red lingerie with matching thigh high boots as she makes her way up and down the staircase.
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Blonde, curvy bombshell Abella Danger is at a slumber party with a bunch of her gal pals. The only problem is, she doesn’t feel like anyone wants her to be there. This anxiety keeps this sad babe wide awake until long after everyone else has fallen asleep, so she gets out of bed and raids the kitchen. What Abella doesn’t know is Naomi Swann – sweet, petite and kind as can be, does want Abella there. And for reasons that extend far beyond mere friendship. Naomi, who’s also lying awake, follows Abella to the kitchen and confesses that she’s crushing hard. These two beauties, overcome with passion, have sex in the kitchen, basking in the wide-open fridge’s golden glow.
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Judy Jolie's stepdad Chad Alva is about to leave her mom. That breaks her heart because he has been the only one who had been a real gentleman. In the end she does the only thing that could convince him to stay: suck his cock dry.
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