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Award-winning director Marc MacNamara provides a masterful drama which follows the stories of three young men who are sent to conversion therapy camp, ultimately demonstrating that love and human desire defeat all in A Murdered Heart., As they struggle these studs find solace. While there, they navigate the agony of being condemned, but a rebellion is on the increase as they find escape through their steamy connections with one another. On the first night at the camp, Joseph (Angel Rivera) has a nightmare about the night his dad caught him and his boyfriend Alexander Savage fucking and cumming on each others faces in the dark. When Phillip (Ty Mitchell) and Charlie (Colton Reece) devise a plan to escape the camp, they stop off at an abandoned truck for some cock sucking and hole-pounding activity that ends in facials. After the pastors assistant Cade Maddox is on duty to watch Joseph (Angel Rivera) in isolation, Cade learns he cant deny his urges and pounds Joseph hard before nutting all over his face. In a twist that is wicked, Josephs dad rsquo, Johnny Hazzard;s secrets are revealed and major discoveries come to light by Jessy Ares with a mystery appearance. What would you do when you were set free if you've waited your entire life to touch another man? Learn from NakedSword Originals; in, rdquo, A Murdered Heart.
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Little blond boy-toy Alex Meyer isn't having the best day. His car broke down, his phone is dead and he's got no way to get to his girlfriend. Help arrives when Conner pulls up in his white van and agrees to give the stranded young cutie a ride. Naive Alex thinks the ride is free, but Conner quickly reveals the price is his tight white ass. Alex acts defiant but soon submits and is tied up and sucking big white cock like a bitch in no time. Conner takes Alex back to his dungeon for some brutal BDSM action and intense ass-drilling. When Conner's done with the little bitch he sprays him with a humiliating facial-cumshot.
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Ryan Bones and Thyle Knoxx are completely suited up for a ride through the winter cold on a snowmobile. Ryan puts the machine as Thyle hangs onto his waist, then the men head back to the garage. That power between his legs has Thyle hot and heavy and he strips off his snowsuit and longjohns, then eliminates Ryan's boot and kisses, licks, and sucks his foot. Ryan fucks him doggystyle and feeds Thyle his cock, then bends him. Until he cums, rides that dick like he rode the snowmobile, then takes a deep pounding, and Ryan finishes with a facial.
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Cole is just an exercise fan also it exhibits since his body is toned just like a Traditional god! He loves to display it down as well as for he, the best cost ll allow you to do some fairly warm items to that ideal body of his. Including fucking his warm round butt while jerking down him and completing having a facial.
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Horny and hung Ethan Chase just ordered himself a large poster of beefy stud William Seed. The slender cutie put it up on his wall so he could worship his image, and bring it to life using a powerful magic spell. To his shock and amazement, green-eyed William jumps out of the picture, and fucks him with every inch of his thick, fat rod until he’s ready to give Ethan a warm, creamy facial.
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Gorgeous young Bailey is just minding his own business with a good book in the bedroom when horny twunk boys Eli and Darron arrive to liven things up. With a little making out it's soon obvious that this is gonna be a wild time, but it's still shocking to see just how greedy for cock these bareback boys are! With clothes quickly shed and hard cocks out for sucking the boys descend into a threesome of precum slurping, hole licking, bareback fucking action, with both Bailey and Derron craving their friend's big uncut meat inside them. Eli delivers, fucking his friends and even getting the boys into a train fucking too before their heavy cream is ready to splash. Even that's a lesson in cock lust, with semen spewing into greedy faces and thirsty mouths!
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It's four times the fun as these three Phoenix Rivers, Logan Lane and Ryan Jordan, welcome Blake Effortley back to the fold. These guys put on a little show of affection as they take turns sucking and fucking each other, trading partners with each other before having a little jerk off contest all over Ryan Jordan's face. It's been a while since he's had some dick, and now he's got his pick of the group, as each guy takes his turn wagging it in his face before unloading all over him as Ryan takes load after load and begs for more.
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Woken by his own dreamy, deep dick desires, Zach Letoa wakes. In a horned up haze, the hottie is led down the hall to sultry, sleeping beauty, Ashtin Bates’ bed by his horny hunger. Half asleep, and led by erotic instinct, the dick hungry duo put each other through the paces till Ashtin’s ample appendage pushes every ounce of Letoa’s looming pleasure to the surface. Zach busts all over Bates’ bed, instinctively marking his territory till his raw ramming roomie wakes him up with a fountain of fuck to the face.
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Teddy Torres is in a boring relationship which is a total waste of his hot body and looks. There are a few people within his office who have their eye on his tight bulging package and have been trying to make it readily apparent. With Valentine’s Day as the catalyst, Eddy Ceetee decides it is time to roll the dice and see if Teddy would be okay with being sucked off and then fucking his slutty wanting ass.
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Stud Brysen doesn't take his time about undressing tattooed bad boy Dave and sucking his cock while fingering Dave's hole, and Dave wants Brysen's cock inside him. The power bottom demands that Brysen fuck him harder as he gets pounded in missionary and doggystyle, and even after ultra deep pile driver, Dave's hungry ass craves even more. "You filled me up. The hole wants more," Dave taunts, with Brysen's cum still on his face. "I'm sure we can arrange that," the top replies with a grin.
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