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Gage Owens is in for a surprise today, and hell figure out what that surprise is soon enough!, To get him in the mood, Vadim Black and David Hardy kiss his chest and torso, undressing him and using his shirt as a blindfold as Gage has no choice but to let these guys do what they want to him., David and Vadim take turns rimming Gages ass, sucking his sweet cock and take a break to make out with each other while Gage touches himself. Gage gets some balls in his face as David kneels above him, putting his cock in Gages mouth and making him give some oral as Vadim does work on Gages prick., When Vadim wants his dick sucked they have to take turns with Gages mouth, each getting their meat sucked by him before the real fun starts!, When Gage gets on all fours, David enters him from behind and Vadim takes his mouth, each fucking him from one side as Gage takes those dicks! But if Gage thought this raw action was a lot, wait until he sees what Vadim and David have in store for him next!, Gage straddles David and sits on his cock, and Vadim comes from behind and gets his cock in that ass too as Gage gets his first DP action!, Gage gets his ass stretched by David and Vadim and soon theyre all shooting their load, covering Gage in hot
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John Henry is the only guy in this scene that hasnt done a threeway before, so Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels are about to show him what its all about, on one condition…John has to bottom!, When we unleash these guys on each other the clothes come off and we get some delicious mouth-on-skin action as they all make out and plant passionate kisses across Johns torso and right down to his cock. Owen and Zeno give John head together, each claiming a side of his cock and running their mouth up and down it, pausing at the end of each stroke to make out with each other. If that double header wasnt hot enough, these boys climb on the bed and form a triangle of cock-sucking action until theyre all hard and its time for some bareback ass pounding! Zeno fills John up with his meat while Zeno gets fucked from behind by Owen, each guy thrusting hard into his bottom as they press together to get deeper., Next its John bottoming for one of the boys while he sucks the other off and they take turns fucking him raw, making sure that ass will be sore tomorrow as they pound him!, Zeno gives John a facial and Owen shoots a huge load right onto Johns hole then fucks him with the
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