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Audrey and her boyfriend find themselves stranded in Los Angeles during the city's recent lockdown. With airlines cutting their flights by 95% they have no way of getting home for several days. Lucky for them Audrey's old boyfriend, the now-gay Joel, has no problem with them staying at his place. Unfortunately, it's a small loft and there is no privacy for Audrey and her shy boyfriend to have sex. He feels weird about having sex in front of people so what's a man with blue balls to do but wait until they can get home. Audrey is horny as hell herself and when she sees Joel rest she is immediately getting Tony hard and climbing onto his cock for a quick orgasm. How could she predict her moaning would awake her ex-boyfriend who starts beating off to the action in his loft. He is enamored by the gorgeous cock that is ramming Audrey's furry fuckhole and comes closer for a closer look. Soon he finds himself sucking that cock with Audrey and faster than you can say 'bend over' he has Tony's cock balls deep in his well-pounded rectum. It's a bisexual aficionado's delight as the boys take turns fucking Audrey and each other till they all erupt with cum in each other's faces.
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When Cesar and Rocky got invited to help their gay buddy Joel move his apartment they had no idea of what a wild night awaited them. It all seemed so normal. Help him pack and have a party. Just like the old days. Joel would make fun of her boyfriend for being in the closet and Cesar would make gay jokes about Joel. Just good-natured fun because even though Cesar was quite flamboyant he definitely was not gay. After all he had a wonderful girlfriend in the giant goddess Rocky. Same- o- same-o. Then things took a dramatic turn when Rocky and her boyfriend got stuck upside down behind the bed during a cleaning spree. Those asses just looked so inviting what was a horny gay man to do? Touching Cesar to help pull him out Joel felt his gaydar tingle. Cesar was ripe for the plucking . Begging to have his asshole felt Joel buried his tongue deep up his straight friends ass and was rewarded with a stiff cock to suck. Why not plum the depths of his gayness with a plunge up the chocolate highway. That winking pink turd locker was looking quite inviting to Joel. Not to leave out Rocky he gives her the same treatment on her asshole and cunt hole. Soon the two discover the is fucking both of them and jump on him and seek their revenge as they both gobble down his cock and start power fucking him. They all take turns on each other's holes and it looks like the only thing getting packed in this move out tonight is ass and pussy. Soon they are all painted in sweet loads of semen and fall back spent. Now that is what we call a cumming out party.
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Johnny knew New York City was on a mandatory lockdown but figured they could avoid quarantine by not flying in but driving in on the turnpike. Next thing you know he and his wife and his gay buddy Vince are all being held in a hotel loft for 10 days to quarantine. Maybe this is why Vince volunteered to drive them so he could be locked up with the sexy Johnny and sooner or later love would take it's course. Boy does it ever. Abbie has always said she thought her hubby was a bit bisexual and encouraged him to engage in sex with other men but Johnny was hesitant. Finally he gives into what he thought was just a simple blowjob to keep Vince happy but Abbie catches them and takes it much further. Next thing you know the boys are buttfucking each other. Oh well -- what happens in quarantine stays in quarantine.
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The Multi-Sexual Sensation That Covers All the Bases! Take one swinging but straight couple. Join them up with their straight but stuffy married friends for a foursome holiday in a country house. Then, because of a rental agent's error, mix them with two male lovers and their threesome-seeking boyfriend, who have rented the same place for the same weekend. And, surprise! You've got "Bi-Surprise".