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Ryan Fields is just a quiet guy by nature, he likes to draw and swim and thats about all we know about him, so weve paired him up with Kaden Alexander, one of the most outgoing, energetic guys weve got!, It makes for a pretty hot combination, and as they strip and climb on the bed, Kaden kisses his way down to Ryans dick, massaging his balls as he gives some amazing oral. He spits and sucks on that cock until Ryan stops him and wants a turn of his own, giving him head while Kaden jerks Ryans prick from the side., Ryan licks Kadens dick up and down, getting it sloppy wet before they lube up and Ryan climbs on top of Kaden and sits on that bareback cock. He goes down slow at first, giving his tight ass a chance to adjust to Kadens impressive size before Kaden cant wait anymore and fucks him hard and fast and raw, pounding him until he cries out in pain., They try a different position, seeing if that helps to ease Ryans pain, but it doesnt seem to make a difference, Kaden is just too rough and wild to go slow for anyone!, All this bareback ass pounding is enough to get both of these studs off, and they
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